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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

blog4ft competition : special dedication to &

i'll be back as soon as i finish my job.

meanwhile, kindly visit kak emil's & encik rotan's weblog and vote for their participation in the blog4ft competition organised by the ministry of federal territories, malaysia in order to encourage the public to blog about the federal territories of kuala lumpur, putrajaya and labuan. in other words, nak promote federal territories la ni.. hehe. well.. a good effort by the government i must say now that they have recognised the power of blogosphere!

kudos to the government of malaysia!

their entries (kak emil & incek rotan) are so informative, colourful, creative & fun! i hope they'll win one of the prizes offered. *berdoa pada Yang Maha Esa*

*i was thinking of participating too but after visits to their weblogs, i'd rather be a voter than a participant. sebab i sedar diri i ni tak bagus mana nak susun ayat let alone nak illustrate or photograph ft in a creative way, ended up nanti mesti kalah. maybe not even dapat masuk top 100 pon. ahahahaa..*

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