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Monday, May 24, 2010

cotton-on-kids-labeled fairies in wonderland.

it's been a while since i last blab about these adorable nieces of mine.

qistina is now turning 7 in few months' time and ya.. dia sudah besar sekarang! suka pergi sekolah (both normal and religious school) and very kakak-kakak type! dan suka melawan jugak, she rebels everytime her mom asked her to hang her school uniforms or made her eat lunch cepat-cepat (sebab tak nak lambat pergi sekolah kebangsaan). and she's also very good in her studies, i must say!

dania, the model type. just recently, the company for women was looking for girl model to be featured in our upcoming hari raya campaign, so i suggested dania & qistina. both caught my hod's attention but i chose dania instead sebab the shoot was on a monday and it's ok for dania to ponteng kindergarten and secondly sebab dania was more camera-friendly. she was so excited about it, she called me almost everyday before the shooting day. bila kena makeup by the makeup artist, lagi la sangat excited! she even demanded from the m.u.a to add here and there! very the diva!

and finally, myia sarah (bila turn dia mesti nak sebut nama penuh, donno why...), the manja type. very attached to her parents especially her mother. attention seeker jugak and dia tak boleh tengok if orang lain pegang something or makan or minum, mesti dia pon nak jugak. walaupun manja, she's a big bully! mungkin sebab badan dia lebih gebu and fleshy, gelaran big bully memang sesuai untuk dia! and most of the time, if she comes to our house and stays for few days, siaplah zaes jadi mangsa buli! hahaha.. what to do? eventho zaes is a boy, tapi sebab he's small maka terpaksa la dia menyerahkan apa sahaja in his possession whenever myia sarah is around... hehehe.. but she's the most adorable among all, tu tak boleh dinafikan.

but come september/october, all attention will be diverted sebab my sis#1 is currently (almost kot?) 6 months pregnant. and so, we shall see what happen then aite?

here are some recent piccas of the fairies, in cotton on kids from head-to-toe, wandering around at the newly opened empire shopping gallery, subang jaya.

myia sarah - mungkin dah kurus sikit la kot..

the 3 fairies with bills the bilis.
(omg, this is a rare sight!)

"what?? the boys are in town?"

"let's see if we could sprinkle some love here..."

"gotta take a break now.. ooo look at those bread.."

the model sisters.

"mummy says i can only model during school hols. gotta catch up on my studies now!"

"what about me then? i can do this face..."

"... and this, the double chin face..."

"owh.. this one too, the i-maybe-cute-but-don't-mess-with-me face!"
(these semi paparazzi-like images were captured by: bills the bilis)

they're my entertainers and rascals at the same time. ❤❤❤

p/s: should you have interest to hire them as talents/models (print, tvc, or whatever but NOT illegal ones ok!) please drop a comment with your contact details yah! ;)

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At 1:54 PM , Blogger baizurah abdullah said...

ya allah!ya allah geramnyaaaa!!! sgt adorable..kalau mcm ni beranak ramai2 pun tak pe :) mesti best bila nak dressing up them..cutenya baju dia..!!

At 1:59 PM , Blogger roxychick said...

haa.. memang! seriously! i blm ada anak perempuan lagi tp i tau sapa nak carik as consultant la nnt.. hehe..

btw, u should consider baju2 kat cotton on kids.. they have baby section as well.. tak mahal sangat.. i suka beli tshirt utk zaes kat situ..
yg i tau ada kat sunway pyramid, not sure if ada kat tempat lain tho..

At 4:10 PM , Blogger baybe foxx said...

Comellllllllllllll!!! If aku ada rezeki nk ngandung, mmg nak sgt anak pompuan! Eh, kalau aku kidnap anak buah ko ni, kena press charge takkkk??? Hehehe...

Serious aaa cute sesgt!

At 4:55 PM , Blogger roxychick said...

press charge takdelah kot, tapi kena charge hourly, itu boleh runding.. hahaha..

insyaAllah.. adala rezeki tu nanti.. aminnn


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