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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

paper doll-ing with jaspal.

last saturday i attended the jaspal fashion workshop organised by 1utama, one card and jaspal. it was held at 11am and i got to bring a guest to the event and obviously the guest was none other than bills the bilis, my lil sister.

we reached there on time. after registering ourselves, the sales assistant handed over the goodie bags (contained few jaspal's catalogues and a rm50 cash voucher to be spent later) to us and invited us to savour ourselves with arrays of cakes, garlic breads and wafers. while waiting for the event to start, we feasted our eyes with their latest collection.

a little bit about jaspal, it was originated from thailand and has been in the industry since 1972. they have 30 stores throughout thailand and their first oversea store in malaysia was launched at the pavilion kl in june 2008. and as of to date, jaspal has expand its wing to 3 other shopping malls in malaysia - 1utama, midvalley and sunway pyramid.

selalu jugak i masuk jaspal tapi tak pernah nak beli apa-apa sebab either the price tag doesn't suit my wallet or takde yang berkenan. tapi the first reason adalah selalunya penyebab utama. hehe.. anyway, nowadays memang jarang beli baju baru.. uhuhuu.. kesian gila.

so, the chance to be at the fashion workshop was like a golden opportunity for me. biasalah.. orang tak pandai pasal fashion. if you wanna compare my fashion sense dengan my 3 other sisters, i'm always the one behind time. yes, i was the un-trendy sister.

so, after half an hour browsing thru their new collection, the store manager (i think), annie made an opening speech and welcomed the guest of honour, peter lum, a celebrity fashion stylist (read more about him, here!) to elaborate more about the latest fashion tips, do's and don'ts and what not!

that's annie.

and mr peter lum, the celebrity stylist!

amongst the thing that he stressed out - yang mana i boleh ingat la yeh - was; not to be a fashion victim by selalu nak cuba apa yang good on others because the stuff that always good on others is not necessarily good on you. we must also respect our body since human being were born with different kinda body shapes eg if you've a pear-shaped body, you shouldn't act as if you're an hour-glass and vice versa. by doing so, you're not only look horrible but it shows that you didn't respect and appreciate your body. so, in order to always look good without trying very hard, you must know which category of body shape you fall into and dress yourself accordingly.

after the half an hour discussion, the store manager challenged us with a makeover competition! the prize for the winner (2 pairs of winners) were cash vouchers worth rm100 each! ha.. masa ni bills the bilis dah excited nak participate and we volunteered ourselves - one act as customer, and the other one is the stylist. together with 4 other pairs of contestants, we were given the task to style our partner with anything in jaspal ikut topik yang dibincangkan before that, to style according to your body shape. we had only half an hour to do so!

muka confident boleh menang.. haha!

and disebabkan i'm the one who obviously need help in styling, i pon jadi customer, bills the bilis jadi my stylist. so, both of us carik la apa yang patut and went to the fitting room to try them on. wah! we enjoyed it so much! rasa macam main paper dolls masa kecik-kecik dulu.. haha!

and so, when everyone dah ready, the 'customers' kena catwalk from the entrance to the counter to strut our look and peter & annie would judge us from the catwalk and the rationale from the 'stylists' on why we were dressed like that.

and these were the outcome.. sila jangan muntah. tapi kalau tak tahan nak muntah jugak, off je lah komputer tu.. hehe..

(that top was actually from la senza.. yup! it's a nightie.. haha!
and pants from mng)

andddd... taraaaaaa! haha.. amacam? best ke?

i love that over-sized clutch. tapi lupa nak check out the price tag!
(it came in 3 colours: black, white and grey)

preparing to strut my stuff! haha poyo!
(top rm139, skinny pants rm139 jugak)

and i think the wedges pon cantik jugak! lupa nak tengok price jugak! hehe..

suka tapi tak beli.. hahahhahaha..

the other contestant. ni camera bills the bilis, so she conveniently terlupa nak snap gambar contestant lain sebab dia ni nak kena suruh baru nak snap..

and i asked her to snap gambar contestant kat sebelah tu, tapi kenapa nampak i sorang je and sorang lagi tu separuh? (oh.. the lady was wearing a short dress yang sama material with my top)

since bills the bilis tak snap gambar contestants yang lain sangat, so, mesti agak susah for you guys to really judge their appearance kan? takpelah.. all i can say is that they're all looked equally nice yet simple, jaspal-style. and the winners were:

they won 2nd place... according to peter, her style suits her body shape. but i don't remember why she got #2.. (he got some concerns tho tapi i donch remember!)

the 1st place winner... peter cakap, everything is just perfect on her body.
and her plus point was, it was very jaspal! ^-^

the dejected duo.. still smiling sebab i think we did good.

according to peter, everything was nice, cuma my 'stylist' shouldn't place the slim belt on my hips sebab that would attract attention to my wide hips and also that i should not be wearing the skinny pants, pon sebab hips gua yang terkeluar ni! in order to put attention away from my hips, bills the bilis should balance up my body proportion by putting more effort on my small shoulder with a puffy sleeved shirt or any other shirt/blause yang sewaktu dengannya.. and the necklace made my body elongated so, for orang katik, it's ok. so, yeah.. kudos to bills the bilis walaupon tak menang... ;p

sebelum balik i managed to get an early birthday present for b, a graphic-t from jaspal. dah bagi pon kat dia sebab i ni when it comes to bagi hadiah, if dah jumpa suitable present, i terus bagi je. excited sungguh! i hope you like it love! :)

i like the packaging the most sebab kat luar tu dia dah tunjuk the graphic for the t-shirt and some more it is so perfect to be presented as a gift, kan..?

last shot for the album. sorry sebab gambar blur sangat.
orang yang amik gambar ni nervous kot sebab bills the bilis tunjuk muka macam tak puas hati.. hahaha..

all in all it was a good experience for me! but i've got this strong feeling that my fashion sense would still be the same sebab money sense adalah masih di tahap yang sama. hahaha!

and bills the bilis, just reserve the comments to yourself will ya? *wink! wink!*



At 9:43 PM , Blogger baybe foxx said...

babe, awat hang tak beli baju tu.. suit dgn hang la ok!

anyway, i pun suka aa oversized clutch tu!


At 8:42 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

memang la rasa mcm nak beli tp wallet aku kata, "apa rasa-rasa??"


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