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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all of a sudden...

i'd like to express my condolences to cik jiran sebelah & family for the loss of their beloved cousin/nephew (who is the same age as she is), yesterday. Allah loves him more and may his soul rest in peace. amin. alfatihah...

anyway, sebenarnya, i tak tau nak bebel apa ni. kerja ofis tak pernah surut, ni pon tengah take a break kejap from my campaign job. and yang ada kat department ni sekarang cuma kak r & i je. cik jiran sebelah took the emergency leave sebab nak pergi funeral cousin dia tu (tiba-tiba teringat kat arwah alfy...) and the rest, dah selamat balik. thought of leaving after solat maghrib. hmm.. tengoklah macamana... (as i typed this, it's almost 7.45pm..)

i'm not in a good mood these few days. probably the hormone kicks in. there are a lot of issues linger on my mind now.

hmmm.. laundry weekend ahead! baju menimbun tak tau la if i can survive basuh baju tu nanti. mesti 4 or 5 loads tu... and a visit to ranjit is a must! and chico, the hairstylist. yes, i'm gonna cut my hair soon! very soon! sebab dah tak larat nak jaga. at times, rupa gua dah macam orang hilang akal dah!
and i MUST bring zaes out this saturday! MESTI!

this was taken couple of months ago. i had to brought him to the office this one saturday sebab nak siapkan kerja. he fell asleep on my lap (i was doing my work masa tu) and when i'm almost done, i carefully placed him on the chair and snapped this. then, i carried him all the way to the car right after that. and he was still asleep. penat betol tunggu mommey siapkan kerja yeh... :)


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