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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

on another note...

so, dah penat muntah darah tengok gambar-gambar fotogediks? haha.
sorry if korang tak suka.

another 2 more events coming up this weekend. sooooo looking forward to it sebab my lil sis is getting engaged and a good friend is holding her wedding dinner at the holiday villa subang jaya. same saturday, satu lepas zohor, satu lepas maghrib. very tight weekend!

and then, the next sunday, another friend is getting hitch. that one dekat kelab darul ehsan, taman tar, ampang. can't wait cindy, yo! :p

i'm so happy for these 3 important people in my life. may Allah bless them always.

on a sad note, my best friend's dad passed away peacefully last friday morning (on maulidur rasul) due to cancer. his father was a well-known circa 1970-1990 RTM newscaster, dato' chek hashim embi. when i was little, i remembered watching him reading the news over RTM1 and would compared him with my uncle, whose face looked almost the same as arwah. when i entered the university, i became his son's (razif) friend but knew that arwah was razif's dad only in our 2nd year!

this is razif. and his 4months old baby boy, zarif.

after we finished our final year project, we (b, dbab, amir, chombi and myself together with razif) went on a vacation to razif's house in kuantan. that was when i met arwah dato' and datin/auntie mahani personally. they were very sporting, warm and humorous! a loving couple too...

...... anyway....

to razif and family, Allah loves him more and our deepest condolences for the demise of your beloved dad. may Allah bless his soul and ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman.. insyaAllah.

alfatihah to allahyarham dato' chek hashim embi.


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al fatihah....


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