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Monday, March 08, 2010

congratulations babes!

hey hey hey.
it's official now. 3 of my sisters were all engaged before they got married.
yup. except me. i didn't hold any engagement ceremony before i got married. instead, i nikah terus. so, i tak pernah merasa perasaan menjadi tunangan orang. heh.

during my time, maybe financial factor yang buatkan i malas nak buat majlis kot.... ermm well. maybe partly yes, and maybe i was just too malas to do the engagement thingey. entah. for me, bertunang or not, it is still the same. time tak bertunang pon gaduh, dah bertunang pon gaduh. dah kawen.. lagi laaaa... hahahaha...

anyway, congratulations to my baby sis, bills the bilis, for taking the first step to marriage life. she is now officially, someone's fiance. sekarang pergi mana-mana kena pakai cincin tunang ok. hehe.

and congratulations to my dear friend, sweetha aka mrs. pravind! attended her wedding dinner same saturday (at nite) and i was surprised to see another friend, jacinta, who is now 3 months pregnant, after 2 years of marriage. so happy for her as well! tapi, i lagi terkejut bila terjumpa dengan another gf, yang dah lama hilang without any news.. none other than syakira! she came with her brother. she looked scrawny and almost takde isi like last time, but at the same time, i was relieved to see that she's well and doing fine. must be the hard work yang makan isi-isi dia la tu kot.. :)

and here are few pics from bills the bilis event. i shall upload the ones from sweetha's dinner soonest k?

bills the bilis engagement dress was designed by the same designer yang design my baju. and yup, he only managed to do 1 fitting for bills the bilis and came to deliver the dress the nite before the event... boleh ke? ~sigh~

makeup & styling by yours truly. *ehem if you're interested, please inquire within. ehem.*
thankyouverymuch! :p

photos were taken by bills the bilis' friend (who shared the same 2 1st names as bills the bilis), ikurh wafa. subhikarimdotcom was out for wedding assignments the whole weekend. dia balik rumah pon buat pit stop je. haha.

by the way, happy international women's day to all my babes! ♥♥♥

the lord of the sireh ring.

the chocolate hantaran.

si pembawa dulang. hahaha..
(bersungguh-sungguh dorang berdoa)

makeup time!

my lil assistant... haha. no. actually he was being clingy. it happened only bila orang tengah busy with something. geram!

baju designer yang susah nak pakai.
(you can tell from my kerut face)

paling susah, hairdo! haha..

little miss photographer.

my nikah shawl, saviour of the day!

bertungkus lumus...

bills the bilis and her gurlfriends...

berangan betul dia ni...

with the family...

the self-made hantarans.
a joint-venture by bills the bilis and my auntie and sisters.

the outdoor photo session.

oh, my... she's a big girl now...


At 12:59 PM , Anonymous bills said...

im still a baby and always will be....

At 1:55 PM , Blogger baybe foxx said...

Berseri2 nengok muka si F tu smlm kat kenduri kawin member aiz... Hehehehe.. Congrats to both of you!

P/S: ingat tak adik hang ni jd model aku masa kat uitm tu? Hehe... Dah besau pjg dahhh...

At 10:06 AM , Blogger baizurah abdullah said...

congrats bill the bilis :D..

eh i suka la cekak kat kepala bila tu..mana beli eh?? i ni suka collect cekak rambut :D

At 2:55 PM , Anonymous bills said...

i beli dekat diva je... :p

At 11:37 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

canteknye bilis ni...and muharraa...tukang angkat dulang tu sexay sgt laaaaaa, first time i tgok org angkat dulang sexay giteww....awww...

At 11:03 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

cik foxx,
berseri laa.. haha.. yela.. aku pon hampir terlupa yg si bills the bilis ni pernah jd model project photog ko dulu..

haa.. bills dah reply.

ni bilis yg takde jual kat pasar, tu yg mahal tu. haha

tula.. kitorg lupa nak beli proper baju utk tukang angkat dulang tu.. so, sexy sket laa.. hahaha...


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