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Monday, March 22, 2010

more buns in the oven...

agaknya musim mengawan kot tahun ni.

news had it that sis#2 is pregnant too. she just found out about it on friday. itupon when i asked her on thursday about her best friend, only then she realised that it has been absent for a week. aiseh.. blur sungguh.. oh. lupa. orang baru memang camtu. heh.

so, this year, again, mister mama & mister papa will be receiving another double of bundle of joy! insyaAllah, sis#1 will be delivering her 4th somewhere in late sept/early oct and sis#2, somewhere in nov.

i am so happy for her and i hope she'll get through it smoothly.

happy monday everyone! (no matter how bad your weekends were...)


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