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Thursday, March 18, 2010

another bun in the oven... but not mine! heh.

received a very surprising but great news this morning via email.
it was from my best buddy, ika.

she happily announced that she's 12 weeks pregnant, for the second time after giving birth to lil ayra approximately 7months ago! i was so happy when i read the email!

so, yes puan naga yang berada di sanun! our lil petite friend is pregnant again! same case la korang berdua ni, waiting for few years to get the 1st, and bila dah dapat, cannot stop, dapat sorang lagi! alhamdulillah.. and insyaAllah, Allah will listen to your prayers (to have a boy pulak this time yeh ika)!

inilah lil ayra zafreen, si pipi labuh yang akan jadi big sis this coming september!



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