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Sunday, May 16, 2010


below are photos proof of what happened if you vow to yourself that you won't go out unnecessarily during weekend unless if terpaksa-keluar-beli-susu-untuk-zaes atau malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je when b wasn't in town.

ok. here goes...

the terpaksa-keluar-beli-susu-untuk-zaes photo exhibit #1
hypermarket dekat dengan rumah
(zaes! kan mommey dah suruh pegang tin susu...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #1
location: fullhouse concept cafe, sunway pyramid
(WHAT?? SUNWAY PYRAMID?? jauh melencong tu...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #2
("sama tak mommey?" referring to life-size figure at the back)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #3
(nice-looking drinking glass...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #4
(forest mushroom cream soup yang so-so...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #5
(mommey, amik gambar zaes dengan tok mama...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #6
(oven-roasted chicken chop for mama. sedap jugak! tapi portion kecik..)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #7
(spaghetti carbonara for zaes & i.
we can't finish it sebab tak sedap langsung sebab tiba-tiba ada rasa manis! the one kat italiannies & alexis punya carbonara jugak yang best!)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #8
(nasib baik dessert sedap. i don't know the name of this cake tho sebab it came with the lunch sets. the topping/cream has the blueberry yogurt taste to it

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #1 & 2 - eh? ni bila masa pulak i mention benda ni... *sambil buat muka puzzled*
(oh damn! i wanted to get the makeup base from shu uemura for so long now, tapi bila dah masuk kedai tu, i know i couldn't resist few other things as well! nak pulak that boutique manager tu pandai je dia recommend itu ini, just for the sake nak cukupkan minimum amount of becoming a shu fanatic...)

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #3
i am now a shu fanatic! one thing i like about being a shu fanatic, apart from the points collection everytime we purchase anything, you'd also get to enjoy a host of privileges and complimentary services upon becoming new member such as eye brow trimming x2 sessions, 1 to 1 discover makeup x2 sessions and make over service x2 sessions.. best tak best!!)

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #4
(mula-mula nak beli makeup base je. tiba-tiba terbeli depsea water and cleansing oil tu jugak... argghh! double damn!!

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #5
(nasib baik cik boutique manager bagi few freebies...

owh.. sebelum menghancurkan wallet kat shu uemura, i dropped by cotton on kids yang baru bukak kat sunway pyramid (i heart cotton on!) and got some t-shirts for zaes, 4 rm15's and 2 two for rm50 and a robot-graphic wall art stickers to decorate his play room. he totally enjoyed his shopping at cotton on kids because they have a corner when he can sit and watch some cartoons. sometimes, he even tried on some outfit by himself.. (actually memang susah nak tengok dia enjoy shopping for clothes sebab dia jenis yang cepat boring, but hari tu he's totally the opposite! i wonder why... hehe..) tapi lupa nak amik gambar la pulak.. :p

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biasa aaa tu beb... pompuaaannnnn... =P

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