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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

penang yang pening!

yelah babybefoxx.. nak update la nih.. nasib baik my mac tgh repair.. so.. bolela nak curik time sket..

i was supposed to come back from leave ystd.. but due to some extensive exhaustion i have to bare from the trip, i happily called for an emergency leave ystd.. the trip was a nightmare.. esp. coming back from the island! can u imagine.. being stuck in a massive traffic jam, all the way from penang to subang?? i mean the whole stretch of the highway ok! fcuking madness!! i never thought this was how orang2 yg balik kampung would feel during the festive seasons.. being stuck in a highway full of cars and other vehicles for 9-bloody hours, from petang till late nite was totally not a gud idea ok! bila nak stop kat r&r pon, the purpose of having r&rs along the higway pon dah jadik terbalik.. sbb bukannya dapat rest & relax pon... masuk je r&r.. keta dah berderet-deret.. the food court was full of people.. let alone the toilets ok? poor b.. he had to go thru a series of swearing and pain.. tula.. keta manual.. nak buat camne.. as for me, i was restless the whole journey.. yela.. pandai sangat, tak bawak bantal kecik to support my back! sakit tul pinggang.. mcm nak patah pon ada..

anyway, the trip was not as expected sebab trafik kat penang havoc sangat! i think sebab cuti sekolah and the fact that org malaysia ni mmg pantang ada cuti sket kan.. kereta memang berderet2! time dah malam lagi la teruk.. from the hotel kat jalan larut, nak pi gurney or tanjung bungah pon, it took us 15-25 minutes jugak laa.. oh! there were 3 families altogether yang ikut konvoi pi sana... the rest of our friends ada yg mmg from either penang or kedah or perak and ada gak yg datang sendiri-sendiri from everywhere..

so.. what happened was, we were supposed to check in kat dphotel @3pm but we were late by 15mins. dah la tu, bila sampai je, our rooms were not ready yet sbb ada pulak guests yg blom check out. they just provide us with one room and we had to stuffed all our things in one room. yg the other friend of mine tu pulak, rr was somewhere in the island sbb we were separated masa on the way masuk island. kelakar betul as he was totally lost and donno how to get to the hotel. as for us, we were lucky to have c and her hubby as the navigator as they visit penang quite few times, so, that's why b made sure dat we didn't loose sight of them...

so.. when we got together, we went for a nice plate of laksa tanjung bungah and it was for rm1.70 per plate! can you believe dat??? dah la sedap! we ate 2 plates each sebab sedap sangat except for rr and his wife.. well, i guess they were exhausted from the journey kot.. makan pon mcm takde selera.. tah.. his wife looked gloomy from the moment she came out from the car.. probably tired of waiting for us to come and get them when they were nowhere in the island la kot..

lepas mkn we went back to the hotel and retire for an hour or 2. only at 9, we went out to search for dinner and again.. things went awry when rr lost sight of us, again... due to the heavy traffic along the way. he went back to the hotel area to search for his own dinner.. i was worried because i don't want rr and his wife think dat we didn't care.. well, anyway.. the attempt to have char kuey teow @kampung makam was unsuccessful because the place was closed! tried to go to gurney.. tapi sebab takde parking, we ended up kat nasi kandar.. boring...

the next day, we had our so-so buffet breakfast and c swore dat she'll never come to this hotel ever again.. yup! food sucks and service was bad too.. then, they brought their kids to the swimming pool and b & i went back to tanjung bungah to tapau 22 packets of laksa from the makcik rm1.70 tu. gila.. but it's true! laksa dia memang sedap.. 12 packs for me, 10 for c.

after checking out, we went to chow rasta mall to get some jeruks nak bawak balik.
not much shopping can be done when you're in a hurry and the period of time is so bloody short!

sampai kat gjoul's place at jelutong, the makan2 has already started. met his family, signed some guest book and makan. met up with other friends like ibu and her cute son, ounn and his wife and daughter, fakhruddin and his wife, mamat, mus, paklong, ensalim (the official fotografer of this event).. and few others.. kot.. memang best sbb dah lama betul tak jumpa dorg nih! we were talking and catching up wit each other and ada gak some of them yg quite surprise to see my boyot self...

the bride and groom were quite late, nak dekat pukul 3 baru sampai. and they looked stunning! it was different from other kenduri i've been to, it was a westernized kinda wedding sbb they were wearing suits and gown... gjoul looked like p.ramlee in his younger days, with white jacket and shoes and pink shirt and tie.. holy yeah.. he looked charming and handsome while the bride looked elegant and sweet in her lilacish-lavenderish coloured gown! ada pencak silat as they don't have the merenjis ceremony.. sampai berdarah2 la jugak budak2 tu bersilat. hehe..

so, after some pix taken.. we had to excuse ourselves.. at dat time dah pukul 4 dah.. and this was where the chaos started.. from the bridge, all the way to subang... ~sigh~

for pix update, i have yet to retrieve the pix from my bro-in-law's cam. as for now, i have these cool pix from ensalim's fotopages je.. and oh. he shot the previous one as well..
this colonial bungalow was rented to accommodate the bride's family, official fotografer and videografer.. soo nice of gjoul...

macam p.ramlee and saloma kan...? =D once again guys... congrats!!!



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