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Thursday, October 22, 2009

29 to 30.

it's hard to commit yourself to something and in my case, updating the blog regularly.

since billa is away for some business trip till this sunday, i had no choice but to drive the car to the office. usually, she'd be the driver and would send me to the office first due to some route issues. bukan apa, when she got her hands on her driving license couple of years ago, she'd be so eager to drive each time and since i own a car, i don't mind to share the car with her (bayar instalment pon share.. hehe) & practise the car pooling system to the office. but never bother to drive each time la, unless she's really really, like, really tired from her futsal late nites, then only i consider. ye. i'm a cruel sister but hey, you nak sangat drive, sila drive sampai lebam la ok.. heh.

so, whenever she's out of town, i had no choice la kan. tapi since dah melemak sangat ada driver selama ini, i never bother to renew my 8-months-already-expired driving license. phew.. there you go, i've confessed! tapi masih selamba juga memandu.

and sebabkan i dah terlampau biasa menjadi penumpang, i dah terbiasa menjadi penumpang yang kuat tido. tak kira la if it's only a 10 minutes journey, mesti nak lelap. ye. agak kronik sekali penyakit tido dalam kereta itu. sampai terbawa-bawa ketika memandu. banyak kali pulak tu. owh..

seperti yang berlaku dalam perjalanan pulang dari studio setelah seharian mengaturkan lingerie shoot.. tadi. eventho i was driving dalam kadar kelajuan maksima (paling hebat adalah 160km/s, suatu ketika dulu, sekarang 140 bole la kot.. tu pon dah bergegar2 dah myvi kesayangan gua tu), mata turut sama terbuai-buai ditambah pulak dengan lagu jiwang karat terluka berkumandang di radio, lagilah makin terasa seperti kepala tengah rest kat bantal empuk kat katil dalam bilik.. sempoi betol. tapi berbahaya. ahaha..

lucky thing, i didn't let myself to indulge in that situation. if ikut jugak, nescaya...

but fret not dear readers, i'll renew my license as soon and never forget to recite the qursi before leaving my house just so i'd be in the protection of The Almighty. insyaAllah.

there you go. i've updated.
crappy ones. but it's all good, innit?

chao bella.

kesian si kenit ni. i just scolded him, like REALLY scolded him for being so naughty! (he broke the sliding door lock and now our sliding door can't be locked cuz the hook is broken!) i raised my voice * i think the neighbours heard me * and pinched his ears until he cried, as if i've beat him with the hanger or something..tu baru marah je. cubit telinga pon tak la cubit betul-betul.. hmm.. maybe he never saw me angry like that la kot... soon after, i regretted that i lost my temper and hugged & kissed him like there's no tomorrow. i can still see those sad teary eyes... mommey is very sorry, lil angel... mommey loves you zaes sayang!=)



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