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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 to 30 : 300th entry special! :

18.11.2009 marks the 3rd wedding anniversary for b & i.
and coincidently, this is also my 300th entry for roxychick's.

it is 8.40pm and i'm waiting for b and the rest of the troops (mister mama & zaes laa.. sapa lagi) to come and fetch me at the office. b was telling me that he wants to bring us out for dinner. i guess they're running late due to the massive traffic jam because the rain was quite heavy just now.

dinner is always the best choice for any occasion. and to have dinner (outside) with the whole family is simply a bliss for me as i never expect any expensive gifts. like i said before, never a tradition in our lives. only if we have extra dough to splurge on, thennn it's a different story. heh.

haih! my colleague just shouted at me that i'm gonna be the last person in my office floor. gotta run la nih... cannot wait sorang-sorang...


just came back from the dinner.

b made a reservation at las carretas, taipan usj. after half an hour of waiting at the lobby, he finally arrived with zaes & mister mama. according to him, the traffic was bad kat area sunway...

when we were there, mister mama dah tak senang duduk as that was our first trip there. dia tak senang duduk sebab that place showcased too many wines and liquor secara terang-terangan.. nak keluar rasa kesian pulak kat b sebab susah payah made a reservation there sebab a friend recommended that place.. so we just sat and asked the waiter about the food and when he assured us that there'll be no liquor in their food, baru mister mama settled down sket..

so, while waiting for our food, b excused himself sebab nak pegi mencemar udara kat luar. at that point i've smelled something fishy (from the moment we came out of the car) but buat tak tau jela until our food arrived (cepat jugak food sampai) and he came in with the anniversary present. hahahahaa! dari jauh gua dah nampak that very infamous plastic bag and its special holiday collection paper bag inside it.. hahaha.. you guessed it! it's one of the item from the m.a.c holiday collection, the eyeshadow palette! yay! (tapi, after discussing with him, i decided to change it to other item disebabkan faktor eyeshadow yang i owned pon, almost the same as the colours yang ada dalam that new palette)

after habis makan, suddenly the waiter came and presented us the complimentary desert, hot choc brownie with vanilla ice cream since it was our anniversary... and they also took our pic and printed it out as a token of remembrance for us to bring home. awesomeee! *a la lini, bilis' friend* =D

b took some pics. so was lil zaes. and his photography skills has improved, i must say. zaes i mean. ok now.. enough blabbering! =)

the restaurant

we ordered his food first, the mushroom soup & garlic bread... look at how he enjoying his food. what a drama king! LOL

our food. grilled salmon for moi, lamb rack for b and spaghetti vongole for mister mama.

the present. heh. buat-buat terkejut la...

mister mama. not so enjoying her food... kesian dia..

zaes: nanti ek ek belanja tok mama soto nasi kat kassa corner ok?

the interior & decos of las carretas.

the celebrated couple (muntah) with their lil zaes,
the free printed memorabilia and desert.

the lil protege....

... and his snapshots. yang paling last tu.. ish. ish. ish...
(tapi boleh maafkan sebab itu kan eye level dia... lol)

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