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Thursday, October 29, 2009

last weekend woot woot!

attended an event last saturday with my colleague & cousin. it was funny cuz we didn't get the chance to fully enjoy the whole event but instead we were camwhoring with every single celebs we could stop. since i am too poor to own a digital compact camera (even lil zaes owns a compact camera you know..), i was relying on my colleague to do the snappings & clickings.

bumped into jaja (anuar). she was my junior during varsity years and so happened that she's working at one of the most glamourous local magazine, err.. glam as a writer. she was there to support the other magazine yang organised the event (eh! & glam is under one roof). owh. had my hair trimmed & treated that afternoon. tu yang nampak rambut sangat behave.. heh.

apart from waiting for all the celebs to enter the club, sipping pepsi, inhaling tobacco-polluted air & camwhoring, we didn't give much attention to the happenings at the stage (except when them celebs were being tortured by the emcees to dance with the lucky readers) as the event started an hour late. i guess they were waiting for the celebs to filled up the vip section dulu kot.. (hell yeah! some of the celebs were VERY late.. agaknya that's normal kot..)

my cousin & i decided to called it a nite at around 9-ish (the event or should i rephrase that, party, sepatutnya habis at 10 but looking at the whole situation, i doubt that it's going to end that early.. and sebab perut agak lapar pon ye. kenyang sangat la minum pepsi satu gelas tu..) you see, i can never stand a club scene. itupon rasa macam lama sangat kat dalam tu. memang bukan clubber la gua ni.. heh.

malas nak tulis panjang-panjang lagi, just enjoy them piccas ok.

miya & i, camwhoring @the photo wall.

the 3 of us. (i'm just not good when it comes to posing..)

and i always wear the same smile.. haha.

actually miya's top wasn't that sheer. bila kena flash from the camera je yang nampak macam tu...

kesian. amik gambar sendiri. haha.

it's black.. it's white.. hahaha!

they're fans of her.. =)

she was friendly and pregnant.

the emcees of the nite. they're from suria fm, the co-organiser.

she's a BIG fan of this classic lady.

the young & talented big-haired fashion designer, nik erwan roseli. all these while, i just communicated with him thru smses and phone for wardrobe sponsors for our model shoot and that nite, when i met him for the first time, he was so friendly and stopped when i called him, eventho i didn't introduce myself yet. i was awed.

it's time to torture the celebs & their fans!

tengku azura & i. another friendly, down-to-earth supermodel. and she's like, supertall! i looked like a midget.. (nampak macam i was leaning against her you-know-what, but i wasn't ok! we were hugging each other at that time. maybe because of the obvious height difference hence the outcome of this photo.. LOL!)

and i admit, i memang poyo, selenga, jakun dan semua yang sama waktu dengannya apabila bergambar dengan para celebs. sila kutuk jika mahu dan i akan redha. tapi i masih sedar diri yang i ni dah ada hubby & ingat anak kat rumah lantas pulang awal sambil memanjat kesyukuran kerana mister mama baik hati untuk menjaga ek ek & incek suami membenarkan i keluar bersosial dalam keadaan berhemah, untuk seketika. itu yang penting.

will be back with another cameo appearance on another event. (sila menyampah!)

ciao bella!



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