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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

glam fashion hits schmitz.

as promised, here's another event i attended last wednesday. this time, i went there with bills the bilis.

BUT.. before that happened, something else happened.

few days prior to that, the pr babe emailed and asked me if i can join the makeover session (alongside 2 other associates) they're planning (and have it published in the newspaper as an advertorial thingey la ni..) in order to promote the company's new range of makeup. the makeover is going to be done by this one famous makeup artist, encik z. upon hearing this, i was excited and accepted the offer. ceh. offer.

so, when the day came, after the intro session with encik z and the newspaper's photographer & journalist, the makeover session began. i was wearing a knee-length jacket over a sleeveless just-below-the-knee songket-like-but-it-was-actually-a-thai-silk dress when the lady photographer asked me to posed in front of the mobile photo wall (bunting was more like it) without the jacket - for the before makeover photo. i'm a lil awkward to do so, sebab tidak pernah berbaju sebegitu di hadapan para associates yang lain kan, tapi sebab dah kena suruh, maka terpaksa la jugak. (tapi kalau kat luar, i'm ok pulak.. tah apesal tah. heh)

so, during the makeover (which was done in a small room btw), encik z was commenting on my skin condition (pipi sebelah kanan je yang penuh dengan pimples scars..) and was explaining to the journalist at the same time on how he'd covered them up without having to use the concealer. and yada yada yada.

after the makeup, he curled my hair using a hair straightener. weird but it worked wonders as the curls stayed sampai esok pagi. and he didn't even use a hairspray. double weird! and voila! dah siap pon.. and again, amik gambar sampai nak muntah kat depan the photo wall. after that i went out to make way for the 2nd girl.

as i stepped out of the room, my other colleagues dah tersenyum sumbing semua and complemented me. (dorang tu mesti nak gelakkan i sebenarnya tu, but they don't have the heart..) haha. maybe the curly hair. maybe the makeup. or maybe both. i don't know. in the picture, the makeup looked good, but i'd definitely stick to straight hair. DEFINITELY! haha. i'd looked almost like a doll if i were to have golden blonde hair. tee hee hee..

so, billa came to my office to get her makeup done by me and off we went to the event @ the gardens midvalley. owh, it's the fashion hits presents glam odyssey, a cocktail party hosted by the glam magazine, btw.

as we reached the gardens' concourse, it was already filled with socialites and conglomerates and what not. all of a sudden i felt akward. but because we're already there, and jaja (the junior from my previous eh! entry) saw me already, i signed the guest book and told myself that i'm gonna die of boredom again. haha.

as we entered the guest-only area, it's like we're in another world. huish. quite pathetic i must say. everyone was so comfortable with themselves and the surrounding except us. or maybe it was just me cuz when i looked at bills, she seemed like she fits in that world.

after a sip at my orange juice, a man came up to us and introduced himself. bills and i were giggling away at the sight of this sebab that man was obviously looked a lil drunk. cuak pon ada. but luckily after some exchanging of views on the market tradings (bills knew better cuz she's in that line) he just went to another girl without excusing himself from us. haha. he was rather rude there but it was a relief when he did that.

again, since they're waiting for the celebs to filled up the vip area, the fashion show started one and a half hour later. just before that, bills' friends joined us and masa tu baru la tak rasa awkward sangat sebab her friends were friendly bunch.

dah la. tengok jela gambar-gambar muka tak sudah i ni. takpe. masih boleh gelak sakan jika mahu. i redha. T_T

bills & i.

another i don't know where the camera is pose. poyo.
(see? i brought along the jacket sebab masih rasa segan berpakaian sleeveless di tempat awam & kalau-kalau la tiba-tiba je rasa nak pakai kan..)

bills' makeup by yours truly, yours truly makeup by encik z & nyna mohsen (bills' friend).

and their other friend, ili. sweet girls they were.

camera angle matters. heh.

the gorgeous celebs catwalk.

and just before the fashion show hit the runway, i can feel my feet aching terribly and quickly ajak bills to make a move. (bills had another kopitiam launch event somewhere in kota damansara btw, but when we reached home, she bailed out and retired to bed early. sama macam my lil zaes yang dah lena pon. and it was only 9.30pm at that time..)

anyway, as i said before, i guess i just don't fit in that world.

that glitzy lil world.



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