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Friday, November 06, 2009

bersiar-siar ke klcc naik lrt bersama zaes si jin notty.

before anybody says,

isk. rasa nak tampar je pompuan ni. balik-balik muka dia. balik-balik muka dia. saja je la nak biar entry fotogedik lama-lama kat sini ingat dia glam sangat ke pon wtfjefgjlkfdmlk...

... let's move on to another update.

i've got lots of things to babble about, tapi since i'm short of time, yada, yada, yada.. same ol' same ol' excuses... ok. ok. let's just move on will ya?

last saturday (kenapa lately update sentiasa start dengan perkara yang dibuat minggu lepas, bukan paling latest? dan patutkah ianya dipanggil update?) *hoi diam kau hati kecil!*

anyway, last you-know-what day, dengan nekadnya, i had successfully membawa lil zaes naik pengangkutan awam iaitu lrt untuk bersiar-siar ke klcc. went there with mister mama as it was another indie-weekend sans b. so, pagi-pagi dah bangun, b sent us to the kj lrt station before shooting off to gombak for a solemnization. err.. orang lain punya, not his. pfft!

eventho the sky was cloudy & drizzling, we went on with the plan since there was no sign that the rain would get any heavier. armed with mister mama by my side and the orange stroller, zaes was all excited to experience his 1st riding-the-lrt moment.

and disebabkan i ni memang sangap (dan lrt tu pon on time pulak), kat DALAM lrt baru teringat nak amik gambar dia..

mommey, dah sampai ke?
itu je yang dia tanya whenever the train stopped at different stations.

curiosity wrapped his mind...

looking out of the window..
he was pretty amazed with the sights i guess..

another snap with the telekom building.

at this point i had to put the pacifier back into his mouth sebab without it he'd asked and asked like a lost tourist! tourist guide pon boleh jadi fed up if dapat traveler like him.. LOL!

but the pacifier trick didn't last long.

upon entering the tunnel just after the central market stop, he looked stunned. maybe dia ingat dah malam la kot. haha.

pity mister mama because i dragged her early in the morning to go jalan-jalan with me & lil zaes.. yelah.. if not sure boring i jalan sorang-sorang..

masuk klcc, we went straight to o'briens for breakfast. that was the chicken & turkey bacon triple decker toosties. my personal fav.

and a pot of earl grey.. i was turned off when i saw the cracks on the pot. malas nak membebel punya pasal, all i can do was just to snap this piece...

... and a closer view. i mean.. i love the sandwich there, and they're pretty expensive but still reasonable considering the big portion but don't you think they should've immediately throw this very pot and serve the tea with a descent looking ones since we also pay for the comfort of pouring the tea from a crack-free pot yang tak buat orang turn off? friggin' rm7++! encik o'briens, please look into this.

zaes: ok tok mama! let's go to the playground!

sebelum tu dia nampak the public pool, he wanted to go there but i somehow convinced him that the playground was a better choice. nasib baik he was in his best public behaviour that day..

he's lovin' it!

lama jugak kat buaian ni. siap main kira-kira sampai sepuluh. it was priceless to see him laughing and enjoying the swing...

he was playing alone sebab most of the kids dah pegi to the public pool.

i had to change his tees & bermuda because he was sweating and melekit. and he fell asleep during lunch. luckily he had his milk just before.

while waiting for b to fetch us, mister mama & i jalan-jalan like nobody's business sampai naik boring. it's like kitorang tawaf the whole klcc tu jugak la.. and the only thing we bought adalah something from guardian & cold storage. and bila zaes dah bangun, kitorang lepak kat centre court kat concourse tu for about an hour sebab penat jalan. zaes jadi entertainer kejap sebab ada this one family pon tengah lepak tunggu bapak dorang (kot) dok sibuk-sibuk main-main dengan zaes.

for the record, we were there for almost 8 hours. haha.
(ok la kot after almost a year tak pegi klcc...)



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