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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

melting hearts...

a cousin of mine is now in the hospital due to some illness.
and it is called liver cirrhosis. (please click to know more about it)
he's been there for a month now as the doctors couldn't tell much about his illness.

at first he was admitted to the gleneagles hospital sebab ada jaundice. and after further check up, the doctors detected the possibilities of liver cirrhosis and transferred him to selayang hospital on a pretext that that hospital have specialist there. day after day, his condition didn't improve. stagnant. for that, they transferred him to high dependency unit for a better monitoring & to avoid any possible infection that could worsen his condition. therefore, visitors are not allowed except for his wife & mom. (luckily we got the chance to visit him few weeks back, just before he was transferred.)

and last weekend, we got the news that his mother pulak patah kaki. so, we went to my auntie's place to pay her a visit. kesian dia.. dah la nak kena tolong jaga 2 of her cucu (my cousin's children) tapi dah patah kaki pulak. nasib baik dorang ada maid.

when i looked at the children, my heart melted sebab they're still young, the eldest (son) is 3 years old and the youngest (daughter) is only 5 months! dah sebulan tak dapat jumpa daddy dorang since they can't go to the hospital..

lil tya (their youngest child) seen here with mister mama...


since i am not allowed to reveal more on this matter, all i can ask for from you, you and you, please pray for his well being. i know Allah will listen to each and every single doa and insyaAllah, his condition will improve from time to time. hanya Allah je yang tahu what He has in store for him.. kita sebagai umatNya, buatlah apa yang termampu and selagi ada usaha, insyaAllah..



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