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Thursday, January 21, 2010

jangan menjawab nanti ek ek cakap...

yesterday morning, my hubby and i were on our way to the hospital (bawak zaes jumpa his paed for his immunisation) when an argument broke the silence. it was a silly one, really, but i, being the hard-headed one, always like to answer back eventho i know by doing so, the problem won't solve and would lead to nowhere.

so, whenever he said something that seemed annoying to me, i'd say something back. it went on and on but whenever it was my turn (or not) to say (read: nag) something, my lil zaes would surely say this, "mommey... mommey..." it was as if he wanted something from me, but all he said was, "mommey... mommey.." in a very soft and coaxing tone. yah.. it was as if he was trying to coax me. well, at first i thought zaes was just being mengada, you know, he wanted me to hold him or something, but he kept on calling me whenever it was my turn to nag.

only later that evening i realised that zaes was actually trying to keep me cool and calm (read: mommey, jangan lawan cakap daddy!) when i flashback the morning incident. and that evening jugak, when my hubby came back from work, terus je dia main-main dengan zaes kat sofa, as usual.

again, being the stubborn person i am, i tried not to talk to him (sebab tak habis marah lagi) tapi mister hubby dah tak marah dah, terus je cakap-cakap dengan i macam biasa. and upon seeing this, zaes showed me the happiest, widest smile ever! he was happy to see us talking to each other again, minus the angry tone.

and zaes made me think this morning that he's no longer the baby yang tak tau apa-apa. eventho he's 2yrs++, the surrounds help him think like someone yang sudah tau pelbagai benda. be it your feeling or even what's right and what's wrong.

thank you my lil zaes for doing so.
i will remember that for the rest of my life.
mommey s you ek ek...

a pic of zaes when he was 1 year ++...
(it was taken during the nuffnang-friso kids day out 2009.
tahun ni tak sempat nak participate pon...)



At 6:58 PM , Blogger baybe foxx said...

clever boy!

oh beb.. aku dah tukar blog site.. no more lynx-eyedfoxx.. heh..

At 10:58 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

aku dah update! kenapa? yg baru pon susah mau ingat maaa....


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