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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

upgrading made simple my ass!

incek haloscan - the comment system i'm using for my blog now - has decided to imposed an annual fee of usd9.95 to their existing members, for some bloody upgrading thingey and left no options for those who wish to retain their free-of-charge account except to export all previous comments and transfer them to other comment system and turn off their service. isk. teruk kan?

am so pissed when i saw the email in my inbox this morning. lepas tu dahla berpeluh2 nak upgrade new blogger template.. last-last.. i'm back to where i'm at. semuanya sebab nak tukar my comment system to blogger's tapi by the end of the day, sebelum my blog template go haywire, i decided to ignore the time line given by incek haloscan. adalah dalam lagi 15 hari. tak tau la what will happen if i don't upgrade. but i've exported my comments. and of course i don't know what to do with them as it was only being exported to a document, bukannya dorang export to blogger's comment system pon... memang la haloscan has been a trusted free comment system for years, tapi they should have a solution/some other options for those who wish to maintain their free account. jangan la bagi option like the above. haih!

*for usd9.95 per year, mm.. that's more or less rm40 per year we're talking about here ok? rm40 to maintain a comment system? they're only comments for god sake.*

can anybody help me on this?



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