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Thursday, November 26, 2009

mission : m.u.a ? : part 1.

do you remember this picture?

miya & jai's pre-wedding photo session.
(photographed by

and this...

miya & jai's wedding dinner photo session. hairstyling by bills the bilis and lulu.
(photographed by

both were taken somewhere in july 2008. they have something in common, the makeup was done by.. me! yay! (except kat 2nd pic tu, the one far right tu - my cousin didi bunga di rambut - her makeup was done by a mak andam)

wokeh.. let's see some more...

my sis#2, lulu's engagement photo session. february 2009. styling was done by bills the bilis.
(photographed by

my lil guinea pig, bills the bilis. trial makeup before her 50's themed annual dinner. november 2009.

bills the bilis' annual dinner. her friend yang sebelah tu pon i makeup kan. bills the bilis tu gatal pegi tambah blusher tu sendiri tu yg nampak macam udang bakar tu.. tak percaya tanya dia. rambut tu ada hairstylist yang buatkan. november 2009.
(snapped from a hard copy. sebab teruja buat makeup, selalu terlupa nak amik gambar before, during, after...)

and below are some recent makeup do for b's client. untuk post wedding photo session.

makeup & hairstyling by yours truly. november 2009.
(photographed by b
sedikit pesanan penaja:
"please note that these are raw files and not the final photos for" - subhi karim.

maybe ada beberapa gambar lagi tapi takpelah.. apa yang ada i tunjuk je la ok. and if ada lagi in the future, i shall put em up okeh?

comments/kutukan/saja nak tanya khabar adalah dialu-alukan. sila... sila...

meanwhile, selamat menyambut hari raya aidiladha to all muslims around the world. i'll be celebrating the holy day di daerah nur kasih... (alamak! esok last episod la...)

next up: my makeup tools and drools... lol!


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