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Monday, December 07, 2009

according to alfy, my name is mola.

he was only 29 years old and he had left us all.

my dear cousin, mohd alfian bin mohd tahir had passed away at the wee hours of 5th of december 2009 due to cirrhosis of liver after being warded at selayang hospital for more than a month. he left behind his wife of 4 years, nani, a pair of beautiful children, eiman rayyan & tya orked and his mother, auntie liz. he was the only child of my arwah uncle yet and auntie liz.

alfy & i shared a great childhood moment together back then. in fact, not just me alone, he shared his childhood moment with the rest of his other cousins too, the ones from his late father's side since he doesn't have any other siblings...

owh.. this is soo much harder than i thought. i seem to lost words to keep on writing about him. it is just so hard.. so hard to believe the fact that he's gone. gone too soon. *break down*

when we were young, we used to spent a lot of time together. there's even this whole year where my family lived together with his family due to some issue (too personal for me to reveal). we went to school, mengaji quran, listening to whole collection of the carpenters, learn to ride the bicycle & jogging kat taman tasik titiwangsa and went for short vacation together. he was like a brother i never had.

*his late father was a favourite among us too. he'd showered us with love, gift and food as he was such a big eater! (my mother's side memang suka pesta makanan)*

growing up, we seldom see each other until we were in the university. coincidently we went to the same uni except that he took a different course, mass comm. during my years there, we would bumped into each other kat seksyen 2 or menara or even kompleks pkns. and there were times when he'd fetched me for lucnh or simply hang out together. and there were times where i'd pinjam his car for some course errand of which he'd happily pinjamkan.

he was a cheerful and full-of-happiness person. i can't remember the last time i see him angry or sad or anything. even when his father passed away 3 years ago, he didn't show any sad face. yes, he's sad but only inside his heart.

he was a helpful person too. on my convocation day, he was the first to turned up at my house, early in the morning, to bring us all to the university because we don't have a car at that time. he'd happily snapped some pictures of me with my friends and the family members. and patiently waited for everything to be over. no hantar-pastu-balik-lantak-kaulah-nak-balik-camne-pon situation. later that nite, he came with his family for the kenduri doa selamat. masa i kahwin dulu pon, he was always there to lend a helping hand..

since my mom's side ni semua suka makan, alfy pon tak terkecuali. by looking at his physical pon, one could tell. (when he was young, he was scrawny and well-toned) he'd eat everything, tolak batu dengan kayu je. he always adores my mom's cooking and his favourite was mister mama's sinful moist chocolate cake!

when we went vacationing in langkawi last august, just before ramadhan, and at that time nani was still in confinement, they took the chance to meet us there (since one of nani's relative in penang is getting married) and joined us for lunch and dinner. lepas makan tu siap kidnapped mister mama, ajak tido kat hotel dorang just because dorang nak pegi supper pulak lepas tu...

last hari raya was a lil awkward as his wife's family had planned to celebrate the eid with his wife's brother who resides in the UK, but alfy refused to follow dengan alasan dia fobia nak duduk dalam airplane for more than 2 hours. puas jugak la wife dia pujuk ikut sekali, tapi dia still taknak. so they went ahead, the whole family from his wife's and his mom too. and alfy on the other hand, chose to celebrate the eid here and according to mister mama, he was the first person to turned up at our place on the 1st of syawal. (i wasn't around sebab tahun ni adalah turn berhari raya pertama di kampung incek suami) mister mama cakap, he was jolly, asyik ikut mana je my family nak pegi. bila dorang nak sleep over at one of my uncle's place pon, dia tak kisah nak tido sama. sepatutnya my b-i-l ikut dia pegi redang for cuti saja-saja masa raya tu tapi my b-i-l bailed out last minute and alfy went ahead. alone. dia pegi je. lepas tu dia pegi penang sorang-sorang jugak, and the next thing i knew, his fb page was uploaded with pics of food. food. and more food. very typical alfy.

during his last fb days, his status were always about food and road trips. there was this one time when he was in penang, he'd put up a status asking if anyone needs anything from the pearl of the orient. i responded by saying that i desperately need original laksa from there (and he was thinking that i was pregnant) and 2 days after, he came back straight from penang terus pegi my house with the laksa.

he was admitted to the gleneagles hospital somewhere end of october. masa tu dia demam and his body turned a lil yellowish. and so masa the doctor found out that he might have liver issue, they transferred him to selayang hospital for further check up. the 2nd week tu baru la sempat visit dia kat hospital, itupon sebab mister mama received a call from his wife saying that his liver dah damaged... oh.. i've told you bout that.

masa hari raya haji hari tu, we were on our way back to daerah nur kasih when i received a phone call from mister mama saying that his condition had worsened. so, we went back kejap to b's hometown since we were already half way there and went straight to the hospital after asar. but when we arrived, alfy had already been transferred to the ICU and no visitors were allowed. mister mama & bills the bilis was lucky to have met and talked to him few hours before and according to bills the bilis, alfy looked fine but tired. but the doctors had to induced him into coma just to ease his pain and they said, if he wakes up, he'd wake up.

a week later, while some of the relatives reciting the yassin on friday nite at his house, his wife received a phone call from the hospital, saying that alfy dah nazak and the doctors had to take off all the life support sebab tak nak seksa dia lagi...

and so, that very nite, my sis #1 who attended the yassin recital with his hubby, called me and broke the news. i broke down and called my other relatives (on my dad's side) to informed them.

until now, masih terngiang-ngiang his cheerful laugh and masih ternampak-nampak his smiley face. sepanjang mengenali arwah, i had never came across any tak puas hati moment dengan dia or not even ada perasaan marah pon dengan dia. if dia bergaduh dengan wife dia pon, memang kita takkan tau sebab tak pernah terbayang pon muka marah dia. (bila tak pernah nampak, mesti la kita tak pernah dapat bayangkan macamana muka dia marah, ye tak?) always joking around and always ever helpful. and alhamdulillah.. during his funeral (which took place kat tanah perkuburan lembah keramat, taman permata at 8-ish saturday morning) everything ent smoothly without any glitch. alhamdulillah...

there were too many memories of alfy in me, and i guess i can't fit them in one single entry sebab banyak sangat. tengoklah.. ada masa, bila teringat je, i'll spill 'em out ok? even gambar-gambar pon, we had some photos of childhood moment tapi nak kena carik dulu la.. meanwhile, these are some of the photos of him & family, taken on his 29th birthday, just few days before lil tya orked was born. (b pulak tiba-tiba je nak buat pregnancy shot untuk dorang hari tu.. ~sigh~)

alfatihah to a wonderful person in our life, my dear cousin alfy. semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan semoga ditempatkan di kalangan para solihin. and to nani, lil eiman & lil tya, may Allah protects all of you and be strong for the kids ya, nani. we'll always be there for you should you need any. to my dear eiman rayyan & tya orked, alfy was the best father a child could ask for and i know he loves the both of you very much and eventho he's no longer around in this world, he'd be there forever in your heart and ours.

*his family started to call me mola, agaknya sebab penuh mulut nak sebut muharra kot. bila dah besar pon, whenever he saw me or sent me a message on fb, he'd still called me mola. sampai nani pon ikut sama. and i'm not surprise if lil eiman & tya would call me auntie mola one day...*

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