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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

doodle schmoodle.

tinggalkan sekejap misi nak menjadi m.u.a itu...
lagipon gua still takde masa nak snappy snap snap gambar them tools & drools.

nanti ah.

meanwhile, selamat datang disember. juga a month full of celebrations and starting next week, cuti hujung minggu bermula dari hari jumaat for four weeks in a row. syabbas!

and since i'm busy with my office work, lemme just update this blog with these pics. something i discovered last sunday. at the age of 2 years 3 months 10 days old, zaes can now do this...

drawing/scribbling kat atas doodle pro dengan baik.

if i'm not mistaken, i bought this doodle pro earlier this year (ke end of last year?). masa mula-mula dapat, zaes selalu pijak-pijak sampai jadi rosak sket the surface (apart from scribbling rubbish laa..). tapi lepas mister mama, b, uncle jai & auntie miya selalu lukis-lukis pelbagai jenis binatang, gambar, shapes and what not kat atas tu, dia pon macam dah adapt and tried to scribble something meaningful (for him laa..) on it.

lepas lukis benda kat atas tu, he said, "mommey.. ini fish.." then i took the doodle pro and looked at it. does the above look like a fish to you? well.. it looks like one to me. kan. and seriously, it was zaes who drew it. i took out my hp immediately and snapped them. no manipulation in these pics tau.. (masa zaes lukis ni, i was watching the television. i knew dia tengah lukis-lukis tapi tak amik pot sangat nak amik gambar until he showed me the above just after he finished drawing...)

zaes in action. tapi, lepas kena puji, terus dia jadi mengada-ngada and conteng entah apa-apa. konon-konon. tu yang malas nak puji tu...

another milestone for ma petite lil zaes. alhamdulillah...


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