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Monday, December 14, 2009

hurray it's a jolly good day!

few weeks back, i entered this contest yang kak emil buat for her readers. saja la masuk suka suka.. then, few entries after that, she announced the winners and i was one of them. i quoted a quote for the month of.. ehem.. november. heh. yay! and winners won themselves the calendar from kak emil! double yay!

so, when kak emil dropped a comment saying that she had sent the prizes to my office add and sepatutnya dah dapat like few days after, i had suspected that the prizes mesti sangkut kat my office's p.o box kat kelana jaya's post office. it happened to me once and walaupon parcel tu dah sampai awal, tapi since i used the office add, automatically dorang akan hantar kat kj, straight to the rented p.o box. a little leceh tapi takpe, most importantly, finally the prizes are in my hands!!

so, when the office despatch asked me to collect my parcel from his room, i was pretty excited! and it really paid off when i peeped into the package and saw the calendar and other freebies from kak emil; keychains & the much awaited roll-up pen/brush organisers! triple yay!

ok. ok. meh tengok meh..

it's finally here!


rite on kak emil!

and.. this is for you babe!

cik jiran sebelah ni anonymous sket.. dia suka sorok identiti... :p

and.. these are mine! ♥

zee calendar...

no man is the whole of himself. his friends are the rest of him.
the winning quote for the month of november, my favourite month! yay!

and the roll-up organiser of which i'll be using it as my makeup brush organiser! hip! hip! hooray! eh.. ada keychain jugak.. hehe

♥ handmade by emilayusof.

to kak emil, thanks for the lovely gifts! and to you, you and you; yes YOU! if you'd like to have something like these, you could also get your hands on em, at a very affordable price! like the calendar, it's currently on sale at kak emil's littleshop at a price of rm12.90. stocks are very limited, so hurry up now! and for any other memorabilia like mugs, keychains, postcards, totebags or anything that you have in mind and wants kak emil to custom made them, please visit kak emil's blog & littleshop for more information. yay! suka!!!



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