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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"scuse me, 3 tickets for avatal pilis?" kata zaes.

after few attempts of persuading me to watch avatar, finally, yesterday night, b's attempt was a success. but of course, we brought along lil guy and mister mama since it's been a while since we last watch any movies at any cinemas.

so, after maghrib, off we went to gsc ioi puchong mall. with his pyjamas and denim jacket, zaes was excited after purchasing the tickets and popcorn and mineral water (mommey, ek ek nak air suam je.. no coke nanti batuk was his exact words. good boy!)

when we reached the cinema hall, we already missed the 1st 10 minutes of the movie. but luckily it was not full, so, we were free to looked for our desired seats. and of course, zaes was a lil noisy upon seeing the avatar. dahla nak duduk on his own seat, sibuk dengan popcorn lagi..

bila dia nampak je avatar tu (the scene where jake sully baru kena tukar jadi avatar), tak berkelip mata dia! but he wasn't scared or tiba-tiba menjerit or menangis la.. (thank God for that!) only that mulut dia tak berhenti bertanya. automatically, b suruh dia diam-diam by signaling the be quiet sign. so, dia pon diam and continue watching while munching his popcorn.

few minutes later, b nak tanya something from me, immediately zaes looked at his dad and showed him the be quiet sign! hahaha!! kan dah terkena balik.. nasib baik dalam cinema, kalau tidak mesti gua dah gelak besar!

and of course, zaes punya attention span when it comes to watching movie memang tak lama. tak habis-habis dia cakap, "haa.. dah habisss.. jom jalan mommey, jom.." lepas tu dia restless then i let him walked along the seats not too far from us since tak ramai orang. but there were times he watched the movie and laughed hysterically especially upon hearing the conversation amongst the avatars.. maybe sebab the words sounded funny la kot..

surprisingly, he didn't fall asleep during the movie eventho there were times he sat quietly on my lap. and finally, bila movie dah habis, cepat-cepat he jumped out of my lap and clapped his hands.. zaes.. zaes..

macam orang tua la awak ni ek ek.

and... another one for the album. and for the first time ever, zaes tak sibuk-sibuk nak minum his daddy's coke.


At 10:22 AM , Blogger azyze said...

cemana berx tengok movie, mata dia tutup je ehehehehhe

At 10:29 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

berx tu memang camtu. orang akan sentiasa ingat dia mengantuk atau tido padahal tak pon. berx la jughead versi melayu (or is it jawa? haha) minus the hat (tapi sekarang dah pandai pakai fedora hat bila pergi shoot or jalan2)

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Marvic said...

lawak la zaes...hehehe


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