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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ini baby ek ek la, bukan iron man...

zaes was excited to keluar jalan-jalan last week when his daddy told him that he wanted to get him an iron man figurine. oh yes, zaes has been very obsessed dengan mr tony stark aka iron man after he watched the iron man 2.

so, we went to toys r us at the empire shopping gallery sambil-sambil nak check out that new mall. eventho banyak kedai tak bukak lagi, tapi the place tu quite impressive la jugak. they have lots of tempat makan and of course, they have chili's there! so lepas ni takyah la susah-susah nak pegi as far as mid valley to satisfy our cravings for a bite of that oldtimer burger or b's favourite, the southwestern grilled lamb! tapi it wasn't open yet masa kitorang pegi tu so b was a lil frustrated when the signage says "opening on 26 may 2010" which conveniently falls on his birthday! *oh. terima kasih la encik chili's for giving the idea of where to celebrate his birthday.. closer to home pulak tu. haha..* ;p

lepas beli zaes punya iron man, we had our lunch kat kenny roger's and then singgah sunway pyramid sekejap sebab nak beli more of that tank top from cotton on kids yang harga cuma rm15 each since they look pretty neat on zaes. *yup! that black tank top, as seen in these photos.*

zaes & mr morrison the puppet monkey.
his current pet toy aka bantal busuk.

haa.. kan smart je pakai tank top!

nak baju koboi! nak baju koboi!
haha.. expression je macam tu but he actually wants...

... THIS! no wayyyy la kan! gila apa?? dah la besar gedabak, mahal pulak tu. rm179.90 satu. nanti daddy dia yang over kang..

"okay mommey.. ek ek amik yang ni je..."
good boy!

"can i get this sweater for mr tony stark?"

"mommey, i want this ball. arsenal only! no man u..."
hey, what about liverpool zaes? tsk. tsk.

let's play fotogedik with mommey!

this is the kid's corner @cotton on kids.
sampai-sampai je, zaes terus lepak kat situ.

eh? nak jadi iron man ke?

dah penat jalan, duduk dalam stroller. iron man kat tangan kanan, morrison kat tangan kiri. tapi pacifier jangan lupa.. tsk. tsk.

pastu, tertido with his 2 favourite toys..



At 9:03 AM , Blogger baizurah abdullah said...

ek ek punya bantal sama dgn auntyla!! :D..alaa dkt empire gallery tu ade kedai jual macaroons (teringin) tapi jauh sgt :(.

At 9:12 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

bantal ikea tu memang femes!
nanti i cekidaud macaroons tu and beli and post it here yeh? hehehe..

At 10:14 AM , Blogger baizurah abdullah said...

alaaaaaaaa janganlaa :P, bantal tu aunty buat alas perut untuk tido :)


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