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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

beautiful maria...

last sunday, i finally got the chance to meet marvic for an engagement makeup job commissioned by her (for her bf's sis). it was our first time jumpa with each other after 2 years kenal through blog and fb.

maria is a warm person, with great sense of humour, sopan santun and oh, she is sooo pretty!! i loved her self-made modern baju kurung cotton too! so talented indeed!

since i gotta rushed back to attend my cousin's kenduri bertandang in puchong after the makeover job, i terlupa nak snap photo of the both of us (that's sooo typical of me!!). she even gave me some souvenirs to bring back, the favour from the engagement and a 2kg-pack of limited edition beras that you'll never get in the market! hahaha.. best gila dapat beras tu.. tapi belum sempat buat apa-apa lagi dengan beras tu la marvic... :p

thanks again, maria! :)

photo taken by marvic.
but this is not maria tho, this is her bf's sis.. :)

to see more pictures from the session, please roll over to notesbymarvic!



At 9:59 AM , Blogger Marvic said...

baru nak baca post ni...hehehe..thanks to u roxy....

p/s: skrg dah shy2 cat plak bila baca post ni...ahaks


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