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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new stars are born...

... and they are the japanese and koreans (from the south korea team of course)!

for this year's world cup, i must admit, these asian stars have made the games more interesting and fun to watch. eventho both teams didn't make it to the final 8, but they have given us enough satisfaction with their skills, strong mental and great performance when they faced their opposition which mostly came from south america and europe continent. their fighting spirit is just outrageous!

i might be ketinggalan zaman for saying that they're new stars because in the japanese or korean league, mungkin nama dorang dah gah but it's only common that people only recognise them most if they played for big teams in epl, bundesliga, serie a or the likes. betul tak?

anyway, i'd like to hail them for their outstanding performance tho they have found their way home too soon. fret not guys, you guys exited with pride! tall and proud! dah la handsome, cute... err.. heh.

japs #4, marcus túlio amos murzani tanaka.
hemsem. heh.

おめでとう! 축하합니다! Congratulations guys!

takeshi okada, the japs coach.
ada rupa david teoh tak? haha..

up next: the quarter finals! since japan and england is already out (bummer! what a shameful exit), i'm giving my support to hurrmmmm... the argentines (mungkin sebab zaes and b ada jersi argentina kah)? or maybe the spanish (sebab ada torres kah)? mari kita lihat siapa yang kenaaaaa....

till next entry peeps!



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