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Monday, May 31, 2010

imma rockstar makeup artist yo!

hi there people-who-just-click-on-my-link-from-thevvip's,

just so you know, yes, i offered makeup services, be it for your wedding day, engagement day or any occasions at all. and since i'm still working on a new blog which displays only my makeup skills and what not, please keep in touch via email at should you need to see my portfolio or to inquire about my fees.

meanwhile, please click here, here, here and here to view some folios.

special thanks to my cousin, thevvip for the special announcement made at her blog (walaupon mula-mula dia cerita pasal benda lain.. hahaha)!

oh yes! i'm allergic to taylor swift too. and justin bieber jugak! huwarrggghhhhhhh!
*type nama dorang pon dah naik bintik-bintik merah kat jari i ngahahaha..*


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