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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

baby aliff...

ni la rupa aliff rayyan, cousin ati's little pride and joy.

he was discharged from the hospital only last monday due to some complication. pernafasan dia laju and he had to be monitored and placed in the incubator. jez before the c-sect, dia dah terbe*** dlm perut mak dia and swallowed some contaminated amniotic fluid.. kesian sangat!

but all's ok and he's doing great masa we went to visit him last sunday. he's so adorably cute and rasa tak sabar nak cuddle dia. he has his dad's eyes, sepet (yup! his dad is half chinese, half jawa) and overall i think he resembles his aunt didi's, (ati's youngest sis) look.

camne la rupa anak saya nanti kan.....................



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