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Monday, June 18, 2007

he's so very, very fine.

this guy's HOT! he's gorgeous, he's talented, he's 21! he's lewis hamilton!

the new kid on the F1 paddock! he's the new gem in the mclaren team and he's gonna put fernando alonso right at the back of the grid in no time! hah!

i am always a mclaren fan and also of kimi raikkonen's. but ever since raikkonen decided to join the ferrari team, i was so upset that i ditch F1 forever. i was never a ferrari fan tho. not even schumacher's. (yes! i'm always the contrary..) but when this new lad came about town, and finished the podium in most races and recently grabbed 2 consecutive top 1 in 2 races (montreal and indianapolis), i guess i'm back on track! and what's great about it is that, he's a rookie in F1 and he has showed quality skills and most important, a humble attitude to become a true winner... or so i hope!

let's hope he'll be the one for this year's drivers champ!



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