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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ms, mrs and mr vss. and my baby.

sunyi. sepi. total emptiness.
'cept the sound from the radio and sumtimes the coordinator telling this and that.
dan sekali sekala jugak miss ea bersuara.

no more jl bugging me to watch movie trailers.
no more gl a.k.a my daniel, calling me ugly betty.
no more tt's sneezing endlessly and ended up red faced all over.
no more smj bitching bout whoever with kakak f.
no more kakak f calling out aarriiiisyaaaaa.....
no more mr. h patting my shoulder after a nice pep talk.
no more ting tong with her sweet smile, bugging me with her boss' chores.

and finally.. no more ac telling me..
"orang mengandung mana boleh pakai baju kaler pink..."

err.... wtf mo' fo'?!!
i missed all of them the above 7 peeps..
but not ac. ever.

happy enjoying v$$ dough, dear frenz!

foto dicurik dr blog miss ea... ;-)


meanwhile, i'm into my 33rd week of pregnancy now.. things are doing fine. got some baby stuff for my unborn lil ones.. but not much sbb tanak membazir.

as prep for myself, tak beli apa-apa pon lagi.. i'm sooo clueless! nak ikut my other preggie sis beli barang mmg tak boleh cuz she has a different way of shopping for things.

jez the other day she emailed me, asking me about my confinement plan.. nak mkn apa for the diet and so forth.. and she suggested this daily nutrition pack.. supposedly good to detoxify your body and all.. and the pack was like a huge sum of rm800 for the whole confinement period... and of course i said no, i'm not interested when i'm actually wondering what good does a pack of that amount of money would make a different to our post natal body.... or in short.. is she nuts??

i almost went berserk when i saw her bringing back the pack later that day... dat's for her of course!

oh! kaya-raya sungguh kakak aku yang sorang nih... isk.

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