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Friday, January 25, 2008

tagged by incek rizal.

this is my 2nd time replying to a tag. and i am tagged by this guy.

dia suruh saya tunjukkan internet sanctuary saya..... and hanya inilah yg boleh saya tunjukkan cuz i don't have my private internet sanctuary myself. (kat ofis takleh consider private sebab cubicle public sgt. kat rumah dah takde internet, if not, bole show off.. konon laa..)

gambar ini diambil pagi ini dgn menggunakan my lapok 6111.

ok. this is my werking station at the company for women, 4th floor, creative dept, aka my internet sanctuary. m using the latest g5 dual-core intel xeon processor mac pro. keyboard senget, depan tu ada one of the brochure and a note. phone ofis pon senget.

seblah kiri tu adalah qmendment sheets yg kena buat for my latest campaign bro. the white frame belah kanan tu was my photo kat photo wall from the event launch of our new make up line last year @impiana kl. i was heavily preggie at that time and 3 days after, lil zaes popped out. mugs for my daily (bila ingat je..) consumptions of h2o.

my 6years old oakley glasses kat belakang mouse. backup lotion for my dry skin days (the one with green cap). gold frame yg ternampak sket kat belakang monitor tu was a certificate from this achievement thingey i got last year (no biggie sbb tu tak bawak balik pon). kertas senget yg terlekat tu is an old associates phone extension list. atas dia is a print out of a pic of dania and qistina. 2007 calendar (loser!). and another pile of papers.

kat drawer tu, higlighters, a sample deodorant, meal vouchers to be used kat kantin bawah, pens and pencils and more crappy pile of papers. kipas meja sebagai latar belakang.

and oh. yg depan sebelah kiri tu, pintu bilik kakak r and sebelah kanan tu, our library for all the props, wardrobe and what not (dlm tu ada fridge jugak, where i store my breast milk =D).


now, i'd like to tag:
cik azyze (idola billa);
foxy one, and
mama dbab.



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