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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year? oh.

2008 came unnoticed.

i was at home, watching xmen 3: the last stand, while babysitting zaes & myia.
b and riess together with her 2 rascals, went out to get some food. (and baskin robbins)
mama was in shah alam with her brothers & their family.
papa was out with some friends.
lulu was out clubbing.
billa slept the nite away.
oh, i was even 2 minutes late for the fireworks show on tv.

how lame was that?

entah. i didn't really favour the new year as evrything feels the same for me. nothing much change 'cept that i'm already a mother. this year is even going to be tougher i bet you. work would be tougher. responsibilities would be tougher. MY LIFE would be tougher. ~sigh...~

while tapping these words, my office is still cold and empty. (takkan la tak cukup-cukup cuti yang dorang dah amik ni..?)
only me and mr. "aku kan boss!". belah marketing tu dengar macam ada orang.

dahla still sleepy cuz last nite zaes was very cranky. tak tau la kenapa. maybe perut dia masuk angin kot. or maybe he was having some nightmares.. tapi kesian sangat kat dia. nak marah pon tak sampai hati.

oklah. happy celebrating 2008. eat healthily and be a good person, ok.

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