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Friday, December 21, 2007

what was he thinking?

ok. this is lame.
i'm gonna be werking during holidays and the best part is.. i'm gonna be the only person in my department yang bekerja. yg lain2 tu sume pegi bercuti... ok?
('cept for one or two yg memang on leave but because of tuntutan kerja yang melampau banyaknya.. mereka terpaksa datang jugak.. heh. kesian. kan dah rugi cuti tu.)

aidiladha was ok je. went back to b's hometown, with my other family members tagging along (sbb during aidilfitri they didn't get the chance to visit their biras) it's a day trip, visiting my mak in law and my kakak in law. and also my mama's elder sis who happens to live 'dekat-dekat' dengan my mak's place (tapi sebenarnye rumah my aunt tu jauh gile ok!!)

came back late. zaes and myia were all cranky and already made noise when we arrived home. qis and dania were punching each other over the cheezy wedges' cheese. lulu was all prepared to go out, again, to watch live band. billa was so excited to bring my car to the car wash at 10.30pm. mama was already in her room, in front of the tv to watch korean drama series. i was very tired. so i took a bath but lepas tu kelam kabut keluar from the bathroom sebab zaes cried hysterically and b cudn't consoled him. after i cuddled him to sleep, b suggested dat we watch the movie knocked up. i thot i'm gonna passed the offer sebab penat and also the fact that i hate katherine heigl aka dr. izzy stevens a lot, tapi after watching the movie, it was worth my penat cuz the movie was good as hell! it's more than seeing dr. stevens soft boobs (according to b) jotting out profusely! it is about life. it made you think and at certain points, b (or me) wud pause the dvd and said.. "ha! tu you la tu.. sama.." "isk. samanye dengan u..memang most guys are so selfish!" "heheh! that's you masa kat hospital ari tu. tp i tak cakap2 dgn zaes laa.." memang sama sket la...

for those who haven't watch knocked up, please watch the movie. it's worth burning the midnite oil (tengok malam-malam best..=p) betul.

and here's sumthing from youtube that i want to share with korang. maybe i was a lil bit ketinggalan zaman but i jez discover these bloody hilarious vids! confirm gelak sampai jaw bole cramp.


cirit or die? can you believe dat? fcuking hilarious!!

ni lagi satu... kangaroo patahkan shinguard amar? wat the hell....
double damn.

dahla. happy holidays y'all!



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