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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy 100th post.

it's november. a month full of celebrations.

ketika ini, saya sedang menulis entry blog yang ke-100. and today also, i am celebrating my 28th year living on earth. pada umur ini, telah genap setahun 3 hari saya menjadi isteri kepada b dan 3 bulan 3 hari saya bergelar mommey kepada si kecik mirzaeskandar yang sangat-sangat saya sayangi. so.. do you think i have achieve everything in life? entah.. i can't really answer this one question... betul.

when i reached the office, ada package atas meja. it was from miss azyze. a yogurt drink, justea kaler biru and oreo kukis. bestnye! dpt breakfast as a present. then came in kak w, pon dapat breakfast present, pau kari ayam tanjung malim. haha! masa lunch, they treat me kat secret recipe (they as in, kak r, miss azyze, kak w, miss awynn and abam wawa). siap ada nyanyi2 lagu befday, tiup2 lilin.. customers kat secret recipe tu pon ala-ala join skali tepuk tangan.. ohh..

i oso received endless sms'es from friends and family but unfortunately takleh nak reply semua sebab kredit fon pon light-light je..

pangkor trip was fun. took a lot of pix and i went snorkeling for the first time and it ain't bad at all.. the fishes were beautiful! balik from there, b celebrated our 1st anniversary with a brownie walnut cake from secret recipe and he gave me a chick lit by lucy diamond...

...and in return he didn't get anything cuz i'm too broke to buy him a gift. haha.. my lil prince turned 3 months old and he didn't even look at me when i held him masa b fetch me from the office. merajuk la tu sbb tak nampak mommey dia for 3 days..

but, whatever it is, i must thank Him for the good health and great life He has bestowed upon me, for the past 28 years. i have great friends, best mother on earth, cranky sisters; whom most of the time i fight with (thanks to my 2nd sis who never fail to buy bday present for me eventho' takde duit.. hehe) and great hubby; eventho most of the time we were at each other's throat. i know there are more to come but let me take a day at a time eh? i'm hoping to have a smooth and even better rides in life after this.

sebenarnya banyak nak tulis, but disebabkan kerja ofis yang berlambak nih.. bila ada masa yang terluang lagi nanti, i'll continue lah..

happy 28th roxychick!



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