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Thursday, July 19, 2007


b went back to his hometown @9++pm and reached usj @12.30am, jez to get dis daun setawar or its scientific name, kalanchoe pinnata; from his sis. kakak dia blend daun tu and buat macam paste to be applied on my body, together with a bedak sejuk mixture.. before applying them, he gave me the coconut juice from pokok dari rumah dia untuk minum cuz the elderly believes dat air kelapa can cleanse your body from unwanted substances and also good for your unborn baby time nak dekat2 beranak nih.. (abang dia telah mengait buah kelapa pd mlm2 buta itu semata-mata nak bagi saya minum...uhuk! uhuk!)

and so, he applied the concoction onto my tired body and dat nite, i can still sleep but still feel the itchiness, tapi masih bole buat tak tau je laa..

went to the office with this awkward body odor. i guess it's the smell of the daun.. during lunch time, i decided to go back to the panel doctor, to get referral letter to the specialist cuz i can't take it anymore! so, i went to sjmc, jumpa this dermatologist, who gave me the same medicine, piriton but this time he asked me to take it twice a day. he says, if your boss want to scold you because you fall asleep during working hour, let it be! he also prescribed me this cream to be applied to my body... ~sigh...~

by the time i left the hospital, i've got a missed call from my best friend, sa. because i was driving, i thought of calling her back later.

when i reached home, the itchiness all over my body was killing me and i straight away decided to take a shower when sa called again. so, i told her my condition after she said that another best friend, e had asked her to checked on me... (awww....) when sa said dat, she's coming over dat nite, i know she's gonna come with her version of concoction, using lingzhi product. (AND also her delicious fried mushrooms i had requested from her earlier.. and she actually made it despites all sorta excuses she gave.. hehehe.. thanks for loving me, sis!)

so dat nite, she applied the concoction, a mixture of the lingzhi toothgel and hand & body lotion to my grubby body... well, it gave me instant relief for an hour or 2, but it helped me not to damage my skin over and over again by scratching them vigorously laa..

i woke up this morning, feeling a lil tired.. masa nak masuk toilet tu, i suddenly realised that my body's aching especially my left knee... and by that time i know, it's due to my body weight. i'm now officially 16kg heavier from my normal weight.. (b4 pregnancy, i was 49kg and now i'm a whooping 65KG!!) my palms and finger pon sakit2, lenguh and i was already feeling down on the way to the office sampai la sekarang nih....

had a colleague to massage my knee with tiger balm jez now.. rasa panas2 sket tu.. ok la..

oh! suddenly this brown clarks loafers i've been wearing doesn't fit me anymore and my official officewear is this comfy stretchable long pants you can get from any stall-like boutiques in most malls at rm39.90 (some places, the pants priced at RM69.90) and a long sleeve cotton tee..

and now, i declared myself the grumpiest momma-to-be in the whole wide world!



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