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Friday, July 13, 2007

hari mati...

contrary to the subject, i'm not actually going to bebel about the day before i die or watsoever.. it's just dat, the moment i wake up dis morning, i already feel gloomy, sombre and exhausted by doing nothing. suddenly i'm not motivated to do anything. evrything is just wrong. i donno.

when i reached the office, the 1st person i saw when i entered the 4th floor door was KB. sori, can't reveal any initial or position but miss azyze (if ko baca entry ni) mesti tau sapakah yg dimaksudkan ni.. haha..

as usual, tengok muka dia pon dah make me feel like vomiting. i have this serious.. no actually, the whole department have this serious strenuous relationship with this particular person. she is just not a pleasant person to work with, you know. she has tis fake "i'm-the-sweetest-person-on-earth" looking face and likes to remind everyone that "if i'm not good at certain things, it's just not me as a person, it's truly work.." or so she said... duh! W!

anyway, she doesn't deserve a place here in my blog.. so.. let's just trash the thought of her, aite?

up til now, my mood is still like how it was dis morning. i donno.. probably the hormon changes or maybe due to the fact that i'm delivering soon... yela.. evrything seems out of place. with my work lagi.. with my environment kat rumah and office lagi.. and also the irritations i'm having rite now.. speaking of which, it has already spread to my hands and kaki. it's like tis small spots that wud appear after i scratch them and it wud be itchy for the next few secs. the other day i went to the doctor, the doctor thought it might be scabs or ommelayu kata kudis buta. but since b didn't get them so it's obviously not scabs laa kan.. dah letak ubat pon, i still feel itchy!

and suddenly baru la teringat that maybe i'm on the stinging red fire ants curse kot. well.. few weeks back, while washing the dishes, i saw these troops of red ants, berkeliaran kat atas sink tu.. punyala banyak.. dahla besar-besar.. pastu the colour was dark red and nampak deadly sangat.. so, dgn perasaan yang, "isk. if kena kat budak-budak tu, sure lebam-lebam satu badan nih.." i just tempek-tempek them ants sampai mati laa.. ada gak yang terlepas..

bila pikir-pikir balik... oh.. maybe the spirit of the dead ants came back and bite me all over my body, tu yang gatal tak habis-habis tuh kot... yela.. orang tua-tua cakap (even in my religion pon) cakap, pregnant ladies have to be careful of what they wish or say.. and also don't kill animals, kena behave, jangan buat perangai yang tak elok... so. maybe la jugak kan.. sebab i've killed those ants, tu yg depa balas balik tu kot... hahaha!! sounds stupid but macam logik pon ada gak kan...?

that's my theory so far of why i'm all itchy and scratchy apart from other people said that it's pembawakan budak.. wallahu'alam...

well.. i'm taking this positively and i guess i have to bear the itchiness till delivery time la kot!

btw, welcome to my dear buddy bro, razif hashim, to my humble blog. bacala selagi boleh..
(err.. no. he's not the razif hashim.. from gol & gincu the series or goodbye boys fame.. no. he's not.)



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