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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

piriton jab my b*tt!!

at 1am last nite, i was having trouble to sleep due to the irritations i had earlier on. i was rudely woken up by the itchiness and i whined like a baby and dat apparently made b frustrated. before that, dear mama had put a mixture of bedak sejuk and lime all over my body and only God knows how much pain it has caused me!!! pedih nak mampos!!!

i decided to visit the ER @sjmc. the moment i stepped out of the car, the nurse attended to me with this look..

nurse: oh, ma'am.. you had contraction ma'am...???
nak gelak kang macam jahat lak...

me: err.. no.. i got rashes all over my body and i can't sleep..
muka nurse tu tetiba relief..

nurse: oh, ok.. come. come..

so i went inside and the doctor checked on me. he consulted my gynae whether or not can give me an injection. i was lying on the bed, thinking.. why this happened to me? no. am not blaming God or anybody.. it's jez dat i was soo frustrated dat i can't even produce a single tears to show how frustrated i am.. know wat i mean???

the nurse gave me a piriton jab on my butt and i was discharged at 2am. but until now, the jab didn't do any good to me and i still have to bear the itchiness and i think it's worse than yesterday.

tried to constraint myself from scratching them but sometimes i failed... camne ha?




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