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Friday, August 03, 2007

this & that...

a good friend of mine, o, her boyfriend, a was involved in an accident last week, causing one death, and several others injured in a highway near senawang. but he escaped unhurt eventho his car was badly burnt. miracle eh? here's a snippet from her blog (can't link to her blog sebab it's only for invited readers je..):

Yes, Aiz was involved in this accident.

He was on his way to work. He lost control of his car after driving on the waterlogged, spinning a few times before hitting the divider and crashed into the motorcycles under the flyover. It was raining heavily and the road was slippery.

7 people are hurt with minor injuries…. Aiz isn’t one of them. *relief*

One person is badly injured….. But it’s not
Aiz. (Thank you God!)

One person is dead…. But it’s not Aiz. (Thank you, thank you, thank you God!)

Aiz is okay. Not hurt in any way. Not even a scratch. He managed to get out from his car before the fire got bigger and burnt everything. He lost a few stuffs he kept inside the car in the fire. He lost his precious Gen2.

I feel sorry for Aiz. This will leave a huge mark in his life. I hope he’s strong enough to face the consequences.

[star.jpg] [KOSMO.jpg]

i felt for them, both my friend and her beloved bf. i mean, just imagine the consequences he has to face after this eh? and i know, she loves him to death!! seriously chenta hatiku punyelah! but, whatever it is, i'm sure it's a blessing in disguise and i hope this case can be settled in a positive way. to o and a, be strong ok? shits happen in many ways. God will be with you guys ok?

hwy, notice my lilypie baby tracker? yup! i'm counting my days now. true enuff, i didn't feel 'it' jez yet, unlike my elder sis. dia punye contraction happened every single day but there's no sign of her giving birth. sampai dia pon naik penat menunggu.. as for me, apart from my heavy tummy, my workload pon getting heavier each day. seems dat they keep on piling me up with ad hoc job and evrything pon due end of the month!! buatnye aku tak sempat siap..? abesla dorg...

anyways, b's been busy with his work, leaving me all alone, doing things myself. eventho i have my mama at home, but i jez don't have the heart to ask her to do things for me. dia nak tolong basuh my clothes and cook for me pon dah kira ok dah tu.. hmm.. i wonder masa in confinement nanti.. camne la agaknye?

and guess what?? i haven't pack my hospital essentials bag yet...
best tak?

these are recent pix of me with an ex-colleague's daughter, puteri awa.
elok je dia berdiri atas my belly... =D
(i looked messed up sangat kan...?)



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