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Thursday, July 26, 2007

end of my misery...

a trip to a panel clinic recommended by a friend, a day of mc and an hour of massaging from a traditional masseuse were enough to rejuvenate my emotions and all these brought back my motivation towards life and the environment. oh yeah.. i think i've recovered! =D

last monday, my skin condition got worse and my level of motivation totally dropped to a negative points. i can't stopped thinking wat wud happen next. my emotions were totally damaged and i didn't even have the appetite to eat. so, i decided to go to this doctor, recommended by a colleague, as the last resort to treat my sorrow. and he revealed that what i'm having now is actually eczema, and it's hereditary. yup! one of my family members ada eczema, asthma and myself ada rhinitis a.k.a sinus, which explains the blocked nose and sneezing.. so.. these 3 stooges mmg saling berkait, kalau tak dapat sume, dapat salah satu.. in my case, since i'm pregnant, the doctor ckp all my allergic reactions akan merembes kuar dlm bentuk... eczema..

memang la my gynae pon said the same thing, cuma at that time, it wasn't as bad. jadi makin teruk sebab i scratched 'em evryday and nite sebab gatal sangat..

so, when the doctor finally dah detect my mysterious disease, tiba-tiba rasa lega sangat! and at that point, i can see that b's face was glowing and relieved! the doctor prescribed me with antibiotic, ointment, supplement and this body wash, supposedly good for eczema patient.

and after few days on these medications, memang ada tremendous improvement to my skin, especially kat tangan.. scars jangan cerita laa! but, the itchiness dah reduced day by day, only yesterday baru rasa tido yang tak payah garu-garu sangat... hah! lega!!

doktor tu bagi mc on tuesday, and semalam i took half day to get a massage from this traditional masseuse kat taman medan.. oklah.. badan rasa best sket pastu dia siap bagi engage kan kepala baby to its proper place cuz according to her, my baby's head is already down there, tapi tak proper lagi..

i must thank Allah for the path He has shown me and also His help!




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