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Saturday, August 11, 2007

the day she sees the world...

it was 12am. my sis was getting ready to go to the hospital. her eldest daughter, qistina, was sleeping soundlessly in their room and the 2nd one, dania was downstairs, watching perempuan, isteri dan ... wit her tok mama. (yup! bersungguh2 dia layan cite tu dgn my ma)

upon seeing her dad going up and down the stairs, dania became curious and a lil panicky... it's normal to see her in dat mode sebab she's a lil manja with almost everyone in the house...

d: daddy nak pegi mana..?
me: daddy nak bawak mummy pegi hospital, baby nak keluar dah..
d: nak ikut.....
me: cannot la sayang. doktor tak kasi bawak budak..

and she started crying and quickly stood up and went upstairs.

later she came down with sweater and all ready. she looked at me, still angry but satisfied cuz her mummy let her follow them to the hospital. muka mengada-ngada gile!

me: dania ikut jugak ke?
d: mummy bagi dania ikut..

after much persuasions, semua tak menjadi. dia nak ikut jugak. so, they went to the hospital. few minutes later, b came back from the office. i told him dat my sister is ready to give birth to her 3rd child.

at 1am, my bro-in-law sent dania back home. she was half asleep i assumed. after checking her out in my ma's room, i went back to my room and continue my late nite chat with b. (lately, we seemed to have a lot of conversations late at nite... yela. dia selalu balik lambat je..)

suddenly i heard someone's crying. rupanya, budak berdua tu dah terjaga pastu menangis sebab they want their mother. i opened the door, only to see dania at my door.. and her kakak at my ma's room, pon tengah menangis jugak. b pon bangun gak, pastu terus took his guitar, konon2 nak pujuk dania (dania is a sucker for music... and make up).

i went to get qistina, my mama dah tak tau nak cakap apa dah. so, i tried to pujuk her as well, macam2 la cakap so that they stop crying. tapi tak jalan jugak.. last-last i've to bribe them with ice cream while b serenading the guitar, and they sing along.. songs from the indon film, heart. aiyo! pagi2 buta and that's what we were doing...

half and hour later baru la berjaya pujuk dorang tido. it was almost 2am. so they went into my ma's room and sleep. few minutes later, mama told me that my sis dah deliver. a healthy 4.1kg baby girl was born @ 2.06am. normal birth pulak tu! i was shock sebab she weighs that much! besar gila!!
look! ni la baby mia sarah...

*puteri mia sarah, that was the name given to the latest edition of our family members. she has the same exact look as her other sisters when they were born! it's like a carbon copy and i think she resembles qistina more. only this time her cheeks are very dominant, chubby and damn cute!! and her brows pon slightly 'fierce-looking' than the other 2.

getting the chance to hold her made me tak sabar2 to hold mine.... tapi when i think about the pain... nervous and scary gak kan...? hmm.. please pray for a safe delivery eh?

****editted version****
now, her name is officially spelled *puteri myia sarah. her dad wants it to be spelled that way...



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