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Thursday, December 06, 2007

born and celebrated: part II.

today, my bestest friend, eliza gave birth to a cute lil baby boy, ahmad aydan syaza, weighs at 2.58kg. he was supposed to be born end of the month, but sbb dia dah stress and dah tak larat nak tunggu lama2 dlm womb mak dia, he decided to catch the early flight to the world via c-sect.

anyway, i'm so happy for her much awaited new arrival cuz they've been waiting for 2 years now and after 2 miscarriages, dat is. may Allah bless their newly found life and wonders of being a parent. i'm always here to help, whenever you need it, sis!

and disebabkan ari tu when i went and visit her at the hospital, the baby dah nak kena balik to the nursery, maka tak sempatla nak sneak-a-peek baby aydan. i'll post a pic when i get the chance to visit her again aite!


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