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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

milky ways...

the last time i weigh myself, i was 54.5kg. itu cerita 3, 4 minggu lepas. tak tau la berapa pulak this week. from the latest figure, i have to at least shed off another 4 or 5 kilos to come back to my weight before i got pregnant. do you think i can do it? hmm... i don't believe in dieting tho. exercise yes, it's just that tak tau la bila nak mula exercise la ni.. malas tul. b gave me this 2-month fitness home membership voucher he won recently from this paintball tournament held 3 weeks ago and i have yet to use it. benda free memang la best, tapi bila dah dapat, malas lak nak pegi nanti. tu la... malas. an evil word.

my zaes (or mirza..sometimes i like to call him zaes gak..) is progressing well in his 3rd month. yesterday nite, papa managed to make him laugh while peek-a-booing with him. cute sangat! as for now, he's the adorable lil ones i like to cuddle with every nite. eventho he wakes up 2 or 3 times at wee hours evryday, i never feel irritated by it. i enjoyed feeding him and looking at his dewy face and smelling his sweet milky breath and pinching his puffy cheeks. owh... he makes me appreciate life more than anything and i thank God for the best gift He has given to me.

keja kat ofis macam biasa. jap lagi ada 3 hours training dengan finance people. boring betul. my department is a lil quite this week sebab ramai yang amik cuti sebab sekarang pon cuti sekolah kan. bosses yang lain tak habis2 meeting.

as for b, he's busy werking round the clock these few days. ada event coming up. like yesterday, he came back at around 4am. kesian zaes! tak jumpa daddy dia selalu. but usually he compensate the time with zaes in the morning sebab dia masuk keja selalu lambat. itupon if masa dia nak pegi keja, si kecik tu dah bangun...

oh.. last saturday, for the first time ever, we managed to smuggled zaes into the cinema.. haha! we were in klcc that saturday nite to have dinner with a and his gf, z. masa takde anak dulu, we'd usually watch a movie after makan-makan. so, that nite, knowing that a & z wud go watch a movie after that, b suggested that we went straight home sebab ada baby kan. tapi sebab dah lama takde nite out and dah lama gak tak watch movie, we finally agreed to do a try & error thingey with zaes. the movie was hitman... haha! memang kelakar sebab hitman was an action movie, tapi thru out the whole movie, zaes slept soundlessly after i fed him (dah gelap, takpe la nak breast feed.. bukannye nampak pon. tapi kena tutup telinga dia sket la cuz the sound was very loud for a 3-month old kan...) eventho ada scene tembak-tembak, bombing yang dahsyat sume.. relax je dia. such good boy.

***to be continued...***

jez came back from the training with the finance peeps. my God! so boring! i almost die from boredom!! if it's not bcuz of some of my colleagues buat lawak bodoh, mesti dah mati dah.. isk.

ok lah.. it's almost 5 now. time for me to pump out my breast milk. *-*
stok untuk esok weh...

one of zaes' first mumbles.. seen here with his cousin dania.

later dudettes.



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