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Thursday, December 13, 2007

born and celebrated: part III.

a lil birthday shout out to my favorite lil niece, puteri aishah dania, who is celebrating her 3rd birthday today. awal pagi dah bangun, smiling around, being kissed by her dad, mom and aunties. and her kakak qistina was telling everyone that:
"this saturday, daddy nak buat birthday dania kat playground yg besar2 tu..."

and also to abang a, who is celebrating his "28th" birthday.. konon la.. padahal dah 38 dah pon.. forever young konon la..

anyways, went to a friend's wedding @puspanitapuri, putrajaya last weekend. it was great cuz i got to catch up with my other skoolmates yang most of them lama tak jumpa. ada yg came with their hubs/wifey and ada gak yg came solo, either without their hubs/wifey or they are actually still single. and of course i went with b and sa came along (and zaes was left in his tok mama good hands)

the wedding was ok la, despite the sound system yg most of the time kita tak dengar apa org ckp or menyanyi. dahla our table dekat dengan pelamin, boleh je kitorg borak2 or buat bising.. kurang sopan sungguh kan..

and yg best nye, ada gak yg tak tau that i'm already married and recently a mother. so, when i introduced b to them, ada yg surprised... pastu ada gak yg muka cam tak percaya la.. and most of them the guys.. u see, back in skool, saya tidaklah tergolong dalam golongan pelajar perempuan yg top 5 mahupon top 10 atau top 1000 sekalipon. i'm jez dis normal girl who came to skool unnoticed.. by the guys le. if they've noticed me pon, it's either because they need to know where are my other popular girlfriends at or saja nak jadikan bahan kutukan of the day.. hahaa.. those were the days la kan but last weekend, suddenly sume guys pon nak bercakap dengan saya... as if i'm their favorite girlfriend masa sekolah la kan.. tula.. kadang-kadang tu, saya mcm tak paham why is this happening but hey, people change and they grow up kan... setakat nak menghiaskan diri masa-masa mcm ni, some more i'm oredi 28 and married, i think tak salah la nak cantik2 sket kan..? sapa suruh tak notis i masa skolah dulu... =p

boleh tak masa on the way back from the wedding, b ckp "mesti dorang menyesal sebab tak kawan dengan u masa skolah dulu kan... i tengok muka masing-masing macam menyesal gile je tadi.." haha.

tapi kan.. tah tah dorang pikir lain tak...? haha. lagi. perasan nak mampus saya ni.

dat's me, adorning my new hairdo. seen here with aina.
during the wedding.

and another weekend activity, meet up dgn razif n wifey and their baby adam @the curve. makan-makan.. amik gambar...

ni layout designer yang pemalas namanye... no effort at all! cheh!



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