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Thursday, January 24, 2008

meor mirzaeskandar. but why zaes?

dear sha,
ZAES is a combination of his 2nd and 3rd name. (but er.. actually, there's no 3rd name cuz mirzaeskandar is actually 1 whole name.)

therefore, to call him zaes is relevant.

meor because i am a sharifah who is married to a non-syed fella. thus, when a sharifah married to a non-syed; since i can't name my son syed (or if daughter, sharifah) sebab my husband is not from the syed-sharifah clan, so my anak jadi meor (boys) or puteri/mai (girls), of which you kena letak in the beginning of their names. (but if you're a sharifah-syed clan from... say... terengganu, your anak should be named megat (boys) or puteri (girls))

same goes to the royal clans if they are married to a non-royal members.

owh.. it only applies to the girls. seems that, a girl can't carry whatever title they have sebab lelaki kan lebih dominan dari perempuan... kononnye la..

ala.. the colour of your blood is still red innit? it won't become fuschia or sangria or peacock gold if you are the daughter of cleopatra sekalipon kan...?

ada gak some people yg tak ikut benda nih...

but, it's just a whole tradition thing that i HAVE to follow, to succumb to my dad's wish of "nanti orang tau la family tree dia, dia ni anak or cucu or cicit or piut (yada yada) sape..."
(dia pulak takde anak lelaki.. so since zaes is the 1st boy in the family, lagi la he STRONGLY suggest i put the meor in the beginning of his name)

traditions. traditions.

well, i hope that explains...

sincerely yours,



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