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Monday, February 11, 2008

he's having an affair.

i somehow knew he would. and i was so stupid for not realising it.
but i've got instinct you know. a very strong instinct about the affair.

that night before, i had a dream. a dream about you and her.
a faceless girl who hides her face whenever i tried to take a look at.
she was flirtatiously gediks and i hate it. you always pay atention to only her.
even when i'm trying to talk to you, you'd brush me off and chase after her.

and i never knew that was a sign. a sign telling me, yup! my b is having an affair.

what about us? what about me? what about zaes?

now that i know your name, you man-stealer, you, i'd never look at you the same again!

you broke my heart when you ecstatically introduced her to me the other day.
it really does...

CANON EOS 40D: man-stealer, home-wrecker

nuff said. =(


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