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Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend activities.

saturday, jan 26th 2008.
venue: dr. indon's clinic, level 6, sjmc
brought zaes to see his paediatrician for his monthly immunisation. this time around, he received 2 jabs altogether. one kat his thigh another on his butt. kesian. masa 1st jab, he looked shocked but bole control macho lagi. bila kena second jab, terus uwwaaaaaa!!!! kesian. macam budak kecik kena dera la pulak...

dr. indon: still fully breastfeed? that's very good!
zaes: apa atas meja tu doc? look interesting...

dr. indon: bismillahir rahmanir rahim... you brave boy kan...?
zaes: mommey, doktor buat apa tu..? i can't see her clearly..

venue: chili's, mid valley
b has been craving for the oldtimer burger since forever when we decided to have late lunch @chili's but he ended up eating lamb shoulder. zaes was soundlessly sleeping when his mommey was busy colouring the kids' doodling paper thingey with a cheaper version of crayola. when the food arrived, baru la dia sibuk2 nak bangun. so, b ate (halfway) first, then it's my turn. then his. then mine. (macam tu la ever since ada anak nih...)

oompa, loompa, joompe dee doo...

zaes: one for the album, mommey...

sunday, jan 27th 2008.
venue: my (modified) green room
remember i told you earlier that b was soo into photography lately? this was what we did on a sunday afternoon.... (gawd! actually macam segan la nak tunjuk these pix.. but sket-sket je ok la kot.. heh. and b said "to sharpen my photography (+photoshop) skills")

looking blank and psycotic... hehehehee..

girl, interrupted versi billa.

merenung kejauhan.. bila la nak abis...?

muka terkejut tak sengaja...

billa said, this is the 'orang mati' pose...

fender stratocaster dia ni pon kena enter frame jugak..

dah. don't say anything. tu sume fotogediks adek-beradek (bak kata sha). jez to satisfy b's passion for photography experiments....



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