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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

welcome to the world, much awaited baby of the year!

just a while ago,sis #1 has safely delivered her 4th baby and their 1st boy in the family, in addition to her 3 lil angels! alhamdulillah, it was indeed a good news for her la kan, she was super excited the moment she knew it'd be a boy this time!

as i was too, i quickly went and gave that lil guy a visit during lunch hour tadi. eventho dapat tengok from the nursery room je, but it was enough for me to share their happiness! he's a fine boy, but didn't look anything like his sisters. well, to early to tell innit?

presenting to you...

sheik ian hamza bin sheik shahril reza
born 3.46kg @10.53am via normal delivery
september 21st, 2010 (13 syawal 1431)

a blessed syawal it is for both my b-i-l and sis#1. and the rest of us too!
finally zaes dah ada kawan and he's no longer a sweetheart.
attention will be diverted to lil ian. heh.

p/s: oh, i have yet to visit sis ika's baby boy - her 2nd child, raid nidal, born on the 1st day of syawal. will update as soon as i got the chance to visit them. :)

p/p/s: yes, i still owe you the tragedi malam raya story. stay tune!



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