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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

M·A·C Halloween Face-Off, first ever reality inspired competition!

The trick: pitted against each other are a trio of M·A·C Artists, Jenn Karsten, Fatima Thomas and Joey Camasta. Each improvising a transformation on a contestant in under three hours using nothing but their makeup kits, creativity and a mischievous mix of hair-raising hardware, wacky wigs and other perilous props. And of course, no competition would be complete without some dramatic twists to heighten the Halloween Hijinks!
*source: click here!*

truly inspiring and superbly done!

gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

if you wanna participate, please click here and vote for your favourite look! i've voted and all i can say that i just love all three looks!!! fatima, jenn & joey are such great makeup gurus! will i ever get the chance to do this...? :p

*nota kaki: i'm not a fan of halloween tho since it's not my way of life. so, please, don't get me wrong tiba-tiba cakap gua agung-agungkan sangat budaya halloween ni ke hape. i posted this entry simply because i love makeup! hell yeah, it's all about makeup, makeup, makeup! peace and out!*

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