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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

wishful thinking.

*found this entry drafted some time ago. tak publish-publish sebab i remembered masa type ni, mata dah tak larat nak bukak dah...*

this morning, while browsing the online newspaper sites, an sms came in.
it was from my cousin m.

she wrote:
awak rasa saya patut jumpa doktor ke sebab tak pregnant lagi.. he he..

upon reading those, my heart beat a lil more than usual and suddenly i felt a bit sad. awww...
so, i quickly dialed her office number and i can hear her usual self on the other line.

when she learned that it was me, she giggled like she usually did.

you see, she's been married for almost 3 years now and yet, she still hasn't conceived. she went to a famous indian gynae sometime last year but that was the first and the last visit as she didn't have the chance to go for a follow up due to her hectic schedule.

all these while, she (and her husband) has been really close dengan my son, zaes. whenever they went for a holiday, dorang mesti bawak balik hadiah untuk zaes. whenever they came to our house, just to plain lepak, zaes mesti happy and played with them. pendek cerita, i can see that they really really suka hang around dengan my kiddo sampai satu tahap ni, dorang tak kisah pon if zaes nak mengada-ngada dengan dorang. tinggal lagi, zaes takkan tido kat rumah dorang sebab bab tido ni, zaes mesti nak tido dengan mistermama jugak.

lepas tu, zaes tu kalau bergambar dengan uncle j and auntie m dia, mesti dia senyum sampai ke telinga. cuba bergambar dengan mak bapak original dia, terseksa sungguh nak suruh dia senyum. huh!

i know, my cousin has been waiting for a child to brighten up their life. but nampaknya memang takde rezeki lagi.

just be patient okay dear cousin! Allah will grant you with a baby, one day. one fine day.



At 2:18 PM , Blogger Marvic said...

aku plak berangan nak ambik anak angkat tp memikirkan xder saper nak jaga time aku travelling so aku senyapkan aje...huhuhu

wish the couple dapat anak jugak nanti.. :)

At 11:27 AM , Blogger roxychick said...

hi maria,
thanks for your doa.. insyaAllah ur time will come soon ok! jangan lupa kat ai.. hahah :P


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