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Friday, February 29, 2008

born and celebrated: part IV.

i hope it's not too late for me to wish all the happiness in the world and heartiest congratulations to my friends who gave birth in the month of february ni. and also, since today is the last day of feb and coincidently, "the rare" 29th day of feb, only happened once in 4 years, this time around punya entry ni a lil bit special tau. so, korang jgn sedih/bengang sbb roxychick tak update on time masa anak-anak korang bertemu korang kat dunia nih sebab roxychick wants all of the babies born in this month to feel extra special. heheh. (yela tu.. dah lupa/bz/malas nak buat, ckp je laa...) =p

mula-mula, my coursemate, linda telah selamat melahirkan her 2nd baby merangkap 1st daughter on the 1st of feb 2008. her name is iwana adlin. i have yet to visit her cuz tak tau whether dia berpantang kat kl ke kuantan. when she first delivered her 1st pon i didn't visit her. in fact, up till now, i never get the chance to even hold her first baby boy. dah besar pon budak tu.. ada dlm 3 years old kot.. heh! sorry linda... (takde gambar la)

2 weeks later, on the 13th of feb 2008, my best buddy masa sekolah rendah dulu, puan keledek or her real name, fatimah, pon selamat melahirkan her 2nd baby and also 2nd daughter, thru caesarian kat pantai medical. her baby ada sket complication lepas lahir tu, but everything went fine and she's as healthy as any other perfectly normal newborns. owh! and her lil girl's name is nisa fabregas. yup! you heard me rite! "the" fabregas of arsenal's francesc fabregas! i was in disbelief at 1st, but she confirmed the name to me like thousands of times (2, 3 kali je sebenarnya), baru la nak percaya! seriously, this couple has been longing for a baby boy after their 1st child, tapi rezeki anak perempuan jugak, so, being a fanatic of arsenal, her hubby, faizal, decided to jez go with the name. and when i told the news to b, he was almost shrieking sebab he always wanted to name our baby fabregas, tapi sebab dia tak berani agaknya.. tu yang tak jadi tu. so when he heard that, he told me to tell puan keledek that dia jealous gila cuz they successfully named their baby, fabregas. baby girl pulak tu. (ni yang buat saya tak sabar nak pegi visit puan keledek and baby fab) =D
nisa: fabregas? bak biar betul nih..??
nuha: takpela.. bak nak adik main futbol untuk arsenal kot bila besar nanti.
nisa: tanak la. adik nak main futsal je..
lil nisa fabregas (duh! obviously the left ones)
seen here wif her kakak, nuha falisha.

5 days later, feb 18th 2008, another friend's wife, gave birth to a baby girl (lagi) named nur adriana aqila. pon belum sempat pegi visit, but both of us, b and myself, spent almost 2 hours talking on the fon with our friend zul, giving tips, do's and don't's and what not to him. being a firstimer, i can tell that he was all kalut sebab banyak benda dorang tak prepare rupanya.. just earlier this morning, (it was 2 or 3 in the morning kot) he sms me, asking how to fix rashes or ruam susu kat muka baby dia... (pon takde gambar...)

and finally, my best bud masa kat u dulu, mama dbab is pregnant.. again! this is her 4th pregnancy and her 3 other babies are all boys! (+ an adopted child, a cheeky lil girl named sayang aishah, of which she adopted masa 1st day lagi, but prefers to refer aishah as her own girl) so, secara teknikalnya, dia ada 4 orang anak sekarang dan bakal menambah seorang lagi. the best part was, all her infants, their age gap is very close to each other, i think only a year's apart kot... and the youngest is turning 1 this coming march. she's now reside in london cuz her hubby works there.. best! best! congrats to you..

oh. here's a sneak peek of lil aydan, elly's son. a photo i promised to post in this blog, almost 3 months ago. i shot some when i went and visit her last month but i didn't get the chance to edit them yet sebab bz punya pasal. dis one here was mms'ed to me by elly herself. sorry dude! gambar ari tu ada dlm cd. ada masa i do the necessary touch up and post them here ok? *-*
aydan: of all the pix you took the other day, gambar ni je yg auntie roxy upload kat roxychick's?? cheh.. btw, kem salam kat zaes eh.. hmm sedapnye jari nih..

okeh evryone! happy leapin' lizard year!



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